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How does the SMT machine work? What are the common machine failures of SMT?
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How does the SMT machine work? What are the common machine failures of SMT?

How does the SMT machine work? What are the common machine failures of SMT?

SMT machine has been widely used in industrial production in recent decades, it can glue parts, high efficiency is the key and most complex in the production of all SMT equipment, but the laying process operation of the machine is too complex, we need to explain to you the specific operation of the laying machine, now let us carefully explain the operation of the laying machine

1. Inspection machine, SMT machine is a kind of intelligent machine, it will help us to save some of the latest updated data, so we need to carry out a systematic inspection of the SMT machine before using the machine, first of all, the hardware air source, power supply and emergency button of the equipment is normal, the safety cover of the laying machine is covered, the suction nozzle is damaged or offset, and the internal and paper machine is cleaned. Then we check the software, the program and see if we want to do it.34 (1)

2. Recovery operation: For the operation of the patch machine software, we first need to check the software, open the system, and then select "Return to the machine origin" in the menu, so that our patch machine automatically returns to the origin and waits for the next operation

3. Preheating operation: Thermal operation can help the machine to "burn fast", which is a function we must enable before assembly, so that the assembly machine can quickly enter the state, so that the assembly is more accurate and fast. Usually, we can set the heating time to 10-15 minutes, and then perform the installation task after the waiting time is over.

4. Place production: Place production task is one of the most important tasks in our entire system. We need to go through the machine to inspect and process the product.

5. Production data: We can carry out production data after installation. Press the F2 key on your keyboard to select the production data you want to produce. Once selected, the nozzle type for each master device required to display the data on the operating screen is determined individually.

Most of the time, we are prone to a lot of errors in the operation and use of SMT machines, which not only leads to a reduction in our production efficiency, but also affects the production process, avoiding thousands of kinds, we let the invention show you some common errors, which will lead to many incorrect placement machines, we must correctly avoid these failures, This will make our machine work better. Let's take a look.

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One: If in place when setting the material, it is not right, we need to accurately calibrate the working position, because there are many machines in the pulling machine, so the position is not correct, if there is a problem, paste one of the common skew phenomena, we must immediately correct it, every time we use the chip machine, we must check it.

two 2: If we want to use our way on the SMT machine to change the operation of the material, then it will not only affect the operation of the machine, the failure of the laying machine, but also threaten our lives to urgently replace the material and the emergency brake of the machine to ensure personal safety

Third: When the SMT is working, we cannot deeply insert our bodies into the SMT. If you need to observe the action, you must close the security window and look outside the window. If there is an accident, we have to shut it down in an emergency.

Four: There is a problem with our SMT machine SMT often likes to check the effect, which is a good operation, but many bad factories found in the inspection of existing defective materials, secondary processing, not only in the material is a great loss, but also misleading consumers, we reject poor quality.

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