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A complete list of other Terms related to Circuit Board PCB (V)
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A complete list of other Terms related to Circuit Board PCB (V)

1. Oxidation

Theoretically, in a broad sense, any reaction that loses electrons can be called an oxidation reaction. Generally practical oxidation in the narrow sense refers to the reaction of direct combination with oxygen. The rusting of various metals, for example, is oxidation. Oxides also refer to various oxides produced, while Oxidizing Agent refers to oxidizing agent.


2. Ozone Depletion

When oxygen molecules in the atmosphere absorb ultraviolet energy from sunlight, they break apart into free radicals, which combine with normal oxygen molecules to form "ozone," a light blue, irritating gas. In the outer stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere (about 300 kilometers thick), there is a natural layer of ozone, accounting for about 90% of the global ozone, which protects the earth from ultraviolet rays and cosmic rays in the sun. Electronic industry often do cleaning use of "fluorocarbons "(such as C2F3Cl3 of CFC-113), or refrigerant use of CFC-12 and other solvents, due to its stable and not easy to decompose, often volatile and rise to the stratosphere, under the stimulation of strong UV energy, will ionize chlorine atoms. It is estimated that each Cl can destroy 100 O3. And the tenacious life of CFC is as long as 100 years, so it will produce great harm to the ozone layer. In October 1987, the US military discovered a hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, which aroused the global sense of crisis. Countries have now signed on to the Montreal Agreement, banning CFCS altogether by the end of 1995. The Depletion Potential of each type of CFCS to Ozone depletion is also different. The academic circle has made the target of ODP. The ODP of CFC-12 is 1.0, CFC-113 is 0.8, carbon tetrachloride CCl4 is 1.1, and even the most commonly used solvent of trichloroethane is 0.1.


3, Parting Agent off film

Releasing Agent is a releasing agent for releasing a releasing agent that is a slippery chemical that can be pre-coated on the inner wall of a variety of casting molds.


4. Peripheral equipment

In the electronic industry, it usually refers to other ancillary equipment outside the main computer, such as printers, plotters, disk drives, etc., which are referred to as Peripheral.


5. Permeability and magnetic permeability

The term has two meanings. It refers to the ability of a gas, vapor, or small particle to pass naturally through a barrier without physical or chemical influence. The second is to guide the magnetic property, if the permeability of air is set to 1, the value of other substances compared with it is called "permeability".


6, Phase Diagram

It refers to the reciprocating deformation of substances in different configurations in each phase under the change of parameters such as pressure, temperature, composition and crystallization. The pattern of equilibrium state can be expressed in a graph, which is called "phase diagram".


7. Phase

Refers to the uniform state of a substance, such as vapor phase or liquid phase.


8. Profile outline, part diagram, temperature rise curve prism

This word is often used to express the shape or silhouette side image of an item, and sometimes also refers to the graph of a temperature curve. And this word in copper foil, also refers to its "hairy surface" on the ups and downs, its side shape is also called the "edge".


9, Polar Solvent

Solvent molecules themselves have positive and negative electric centers, can be dissociated and can conduct electricity (such as water, alcohol, etc.), known as polar solvents. Such polar solvents can only dissolve polar substances, such as inorganic salts; They can't dissolve nonpolar substances.


10. Propagation Delay

When the Signal (pulse or square wave) is sent from the Driver and propagated in the signal line, its time Delay after reaching the Receiver is called Propagation Delay. This is usually in units of PS (Pico Second,10-12 seconds, i.e. 1 millionth of a second). This "delay" will be directly affected by the square wave Rise Time, that is, the longer the RT, the longer the delay.


11. Pumice Powder

The magma that flows from the volcano cools quickly and quickly, forming a puffy mass of gas before it has time to crystallize into stone. Sometimes volcanoes erupt from the bottom of the sea, and their ash particles freeze and float on the surface of the sea, up to four or five feet thick, and finally sink to the bottom of the sea, hence the name Pumice. It contains 70.5% silicon oxide, 12.7% aluminum oxide, the rest is potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and so on. The pumice stone has a large surface area after grinding, which can absorb various sundries. It can also be used as material or tool for auxiliary grinding of copper surface of circuit board.


12. Purge, Purging, etc

The complete removal of impurities from a system so that further processing can be done.


13, Thermal decomposition

It refers to the chemical decomposition of a substance caused by the intense thermal effect for too long. An example is the decomposition caused by the flux being heated for too long at too high a temperature.


14, Quench quenching

Refers to the material in the high temperature state, suddenly put into the water, oil, or salt bath, make it cool quickly, and get different crystal shapes, and show different physical properties, its treatment is called Quench. This process has a great impact on the physical properties of metal materials.


15. Quick Disconnect

Referring to an electrical interconnection connection that can be quickly switched on or separated.


16, Quill weft winding axis

A spool used to wind the weft to prepare the fabric for weaving.


17, Rated Temperature

Refers to the electronic parts in a period of time, can tolerate the highest operating temperature and voltage.


18, Real Estate substrate surface

The term "board surface" refers to the surface of the substrate other than the circuit or conductor. It is regarded as real estate in general, as a specific term to express the meaning of "empty space".


19. Resistor Drift

Resistor refers to the resistance value represented by the resistor. After 1000 hours of aging, the percentage of deterioration is called "Resister Drift".


20, Reverse Osmosis(RO)

Is to apply external force to overcome the semi-permeable membrane "spontaneous combustion infiltration", and the opposite way, known as "reverse osmosis" or commonly known as "pressure filtration".


21, Rheology, properties

It is the knowledge or property to discuss the Flow and Deformation of material.


22. Sacrificial Protection

Is the use of metal corrosion potential difference, deliberately on the outermost surface of a layer of more active metal, when there is corrosion first sacrifice themselves, in order to protect the bottom metal or bottom coating. It is to oxidize and rust itself to form an electrochemical anode, and to force the bottom metal to act as a cathode and be protected, called Sacrificial Protection. For example, galvanized iron substrate, or double nickel or triple nickel and chromium plating on iron, are the best examples.


23, Salt Spray Test

In the special Salt Spray testing machine, the accelerated corrosion resistance Test of metal surface coating, organic coating layer, or other rust protection layer is called "Salt Spray Test". There are many different practices for such tests, the most common of which is ASTM B-117. The system adopts 5% sodium chloride aqueous solution spray in the seal to simulate the harsh corrosion environment, and sets the temperature at 35. The length of execution time varies according to the protection layer and the substrate, ranging from 8 hours to 144 hours.


24, Saponifier

It is an alkaline chemical that converts most of the ingredients in the fragrant flux into soap, which can then be washed away by water. In the cleaning line of automatic welding, this agent is often added to the first cleaning tank to achieve good results of water cleaning after welding.

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