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FPC industry

FPC industry development will enter the high-speed growth period

Due to the rapid development of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of the supply chain, and China has both industrial distribution, cost and market advantages, and has become the world's most important printed circuit board produ

Discussion on the Development Status of FPC FPC Industry

This paper mainly introduces the development status of FPC FPC industry

Laser cutting machine helps FPC industry develop at a high speed

This paper mainly introduces laser cutting machine to help FPC industry develop at a high speed

The advent of 5G era will promote the development of FPC industry

This article mainly introduces that the coming of 5G era will promote the market dynamics of FPC industry

The growth of consumer electronic products, the output value of flexible PCBs continues to grow

This paper mainly analyzes the growth of consumer electronic products and the continuous growth of output value of flexible PCB

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