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Discussion on the Development Status of FPC FPC Industry
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Discussion on the Development Status of FPC FPC Industry

With the upgrading of electronic products, consumer electronic products, especially smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, are developing faster and faster. With its advantages, FPC has been applied more and more widely in the field of electronic products, mainly because its characteristics just meet the needs of electronic products in light and thin, and it plays an important role in electronic products. The local PCB industry has also won an explosion.


FPC products are mainly used to enter the terminal consumer product market such as smart phones and tablets through display modules, touch modules, fingerprint identification modules, etc. Some FPCs are also directly supplied to the terminal consumer product market for side keys, power keys, etc. Due to the characteristics of flexibility and small size, FPC is gradually extended to the electronic control units of automobiles, such as OLED lamps, gearboxes, sensors, on-board displays, battery management systems, on-board displays, multimedia systems and other equipment with high signal transmission capacity and high reliability requirements. In addition, the rapid rise of emerging consumer electronics markets such as wearable intelligent devices and unmanned aerial vehicles also brings new growth space for FPC products.

Consumer electronic products, led by mobile electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets, have greatly promoted the market development of FPC flexible circuit boards as their main connecting accessories. At the same time, automotive intelligence has made the demand for FPC flexible circuit boards on vehicles grow rapidly. At the same time, the trend of display and touch of all kinds of electronic products also makes FPC enter a wider application space with the help of small and medium-sized LCD screens and touch screens, and the market demand is growing.

PCB is generally divided into two categories, one is rigid circuit board, the other is flexible circuit board. Flexible circuit board, also known as FPC soft board, has the advantages of light weight, thin thickness, good bending, high wiring density, less wiring space limitation, etc. It is conforming to the trend of miniaturization and mobility of electronic products, and has gradually become an indispensable component of consumer electronic products such as smart phones. As a large manufacturing country of global consumer electronic products,  FPC has huge demand in China, and domestic FPC enterprises are experiencing rapid development.

The production capacity of FPC in China is expanding rapidly. At present, some core raw materials of FPC products, such as flexible copper clad laminate, conductive adhesive film and shielding film, are still in the hands of foreign enterprises. Domestic FPC domestic manufacturers have weak competitiveness in the international market. Their sales are mainly concentrated in the domestic market, and their overall market share is low. At present, there is a certain gap between domestic FPC enterprises and foreign advanced manufacturers, but domestic  FPC is also gradually realizing its own technological innovation, mastering core technology, and the gap with foreign manufacturers is narrowing.

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