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Laser cutting machine helps FPC industry develop at a high speed
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Laser cutting machine helps FPC industry develop at a high speed

With the continuous growth of the demand for portable products, the circuit board has been developing from single-sided to double-sided, multi-layer, flexible and rigid flex composite boards, and has been developing towards high-precision, high-density and high reliability. Therefore, in recent years, flexible electronIC components have shown a fierce momentum of development in various fields. According to the predICtion of authoritative institutions, the scale of the flexible electronics industry will reach 46.94 billion dollars in 2018 and 301 billion dollars in 2028, which means that the FPC industry will be in a long-term high-speed growth trend.



With the rapid development of the industry, the processing technology of flexible circuit boards is also constantly reforming and innovating, such as laser cutting processing applied to FPC and FPC sample production process. It is understood that the commonly used cutting methods for FPC board plug shape, such as cursor point recognition, character recognition and CCD recognition of new plug edges, make the operation of FPC board laser cutting more convenient and SIMple, and the cutting accuracy is also higher.

Nowadays, the application of high-precision laser cutting processing in FPC industry has attracted more and more attention. The main reason is that the traditional processing methods such as tool mold, steel mold and mechanical drilling can no longer meet the ever-changing MARKet demand. For example, the line width and line spacing are getting narrower and narrower, the aperture is getting SMAller and smaller, and the flexibility is getting higher and higher. In order to better solve the cutting process problems in FPC production, laser processing is undoubtedly the best choice at present.

So far, many manufacturers at home and abroad have developed a number of high-precision laser cutting machines for making FPC samples. As an enterprise with rich experience in laser application technology and overall automation solutions, Jinboxiang Laser also follows the industry trend, and has organized and developed a number of laser equipment for FPC cutting to help the FPC industry take off.

Taking the precision laser cutting machine as an example, this laser cutting equipment is widely applicable to FPC and metal materials. The 15W or 35W laser power can be selected. The 355nm or 532nm laser wavelength is equipped with independently developed control software, which can realize the ultra precision processing applications of FPC and PCB profile cutting, profile cutting, drilling and composite film window opening. The performance characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

First, good cutting quality and small deformation.

Second, cutting complex graphics is fast.

Third, the galvanometer is automatically calibrated and aligned.

Through the application of the broCADe and silk side precision laser cutting machine, the traditional stamping requires several kinds of molds, which greatly saves the time and cost of plate splitting, cutting, drilling in FPC production and processing. Moreover, its laser cutting is non-contact processing, which also eliminates the damage to components in contact processing such as mechanical stamping, and greatly improves the yield.

With the rapid development of flexible electronic technology, FPC is being widely used in computer and communication, consumer electronics, automotive, military and aerOSPace, medical and other fields. It can be predicted that the use of laser cutting FPC is an inevitable trend of development, which will certainly help the production and application of flexible electronics, drive the trillion yuan market, help traditional industries to enhance industrial added value, and bring revolutionary changes to the industrial structure and human life.

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