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Advantages of water-based cleaning technology
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Advantages of water-based cleaning technology

The cleaning principle of water - based cleaning agent

Water-based cleaning agent is soluble with water, can add water dilution of the use of cleaning agent, cleaning principle is with the help of its surfactant, emulsifier, penetrant components containing wetting, emulsification, dispersion, penetration, dissolution and other characteristics of the workpiece surface for strong cleaning. PCB circuit boards and semiconductor electronic components without bottom terminal devices can be cleaned by spraying water-based cleaning agent; PCB circuit boards with bottom terminal devices should be cleaned by water-based cleaning equipment with immersion, ultrasonic vibration, air stirring and inrush current (jet) technology.

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Emulsifying water-based cleaning technology, is the use of organic solvents in cleaning agent, wetting, swelling pollution residue, and with the penetration of surfactants in cleaning agent, as well as washing effect of cleaning agent, make sheets of pollutants such as flux and other residual film produce many small cracks; More and deeper cracks on the flake residual flux film are caused by more and deeper by the continuous scour, puffing and penetration of the cleaner. When the crack reaches the surface of the product, further scouring, swelling and penetration of the cleaning agent will develop along the bottom of the small sheet of residual pollution film, and finally peel off the pollutants.

Advantages of water - based cleaning agents

In the above "cleaning" process, the organic solvent and surfactant in the cleaning agent, as well as the PH (pH) regulator, is the real "cleaning agent"; And water, only cleaning agent dynamic action of flux residue carrier; Water temperature is an accelerant of cleaning efficiency.

(1) Strong decontamination and cleaning ability, excellent material compatibility.

(2) non-combustible, non-explosive, safe to use, no pollution to the environment. Water - based cleaning agent has no flash point, will not burn and explode.

(3) Water-based cleaning agent will not be like trichloroethylene, trichloromethane, freon and other ODS solvents due to volatilization of organic solvents cause damage to the ozone layer of the atmosphere and harm to the physical and mental health of operators.

Water - based cleaning agent washing is an effective alternative technology to solvent cleaning. The range of use is very wide. ZP-380 can cooperate with super wave cleaning and other automatic on-line cleaning process, simple and convenient. With good safety and reliability, long tank life.

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ZP-380 ionic pollution water based cleaning agent, deion professional popular PCB board, military, aviation, aerospace market

ZP-380 ion pollution water based cleaning agent is a special cleaning agent for removing ion pollution residues on the surface of products, which is developed specifically for the problem of excessive ion pollution in the printed circuit board and semiconductor packaging industry. Suitable for PCB products with lead, lead-free tin spray and electricity, gold surface, tin, silver, OSP and other processing processes, can effectively remove the printed circuit board and semiconductor chips in the process of pollution, corrosive "acid ions", such as chloride ions, bromine ions, weak organic acid ions, sulfate ions and other acidic negative ion residues, Also can remove ammonium, calcium, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other cationic pollutants. For HASL board, the most difficult to remove Flux (flux) residue, after cleaning significant effect. It can effectively remove fingerprints, grease and other contaminants easily left by final cleaners. To meet the printed circuit board products lower ion pollution requirements.

ZP-380 Ultrasonic cleaning agent is specially designed for water based ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning agent, this cleaning agent is made of soluble water solvent, special saponification agent and corrosion inhibitor mixed. ZP-380 can effectively remove the flux residue of all mainstream solder paste. The ZP-380 provides excellent compatibility with most substrates and materials used in electronic packaging cleaning applications, does not damage the ozone layer, and its material composition has been carefully selected for global applications and to meet environmental standards. ZP-380 has the world's most advanced cleaning technology support, can solve the industry's most difficult cleaning problems, is the PCB board, military, aviation, aerospace market's first choice of efficient cleaning agent.

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