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PCB manufacturers explain that LED will bring new market to PCB industry
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PCB manufacturers explain that LED will bring new market to PCB industry

PCB manufacturers explain that LED will bring new MARKet to PCB industry

The use of LED lighting is complying with the development trend and trend of energy conservation. Low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection are attracting more and more attention. LED is a light EMItting diode. It is neither an energy-saving lamp nor a fluorescent tube, but its brightness is 5-6 times that of ordinary lamps. Because of this, LED lighting is becoming the trend of energy-saving lighting.

According to EU regulations, from September 1, 2009, all supermarkets are not allowed to sell incandescent bulbs, nor high-pressure fluorescent bulbs, but only LED lamps. So, how will China develop next? Do you still vigorously promote energy-saving lamps or actively develop LED lighting? To be honest, compared with LED, energy-saving lamps are not energy-saving, and a large amount of mercury is used in the manufacturing process of energy-saving lamps. As we all know, mercury has a great impact on the human body and the environment, especially the disposal of discarded energy-saving lamps, whICh will cause great pollution to the environment.

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The energy saving effect of LED lighting is very obvious. According to relevant data, if LED lighting accounts for 1/3 of the whole lighting market in China, the power generation of two Three Gorges hydropower stations can be saved every year.

At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development and utilization of LED. NEC of Japan has developed and listed a new type of LED bulb, which is SIMilar to the current ordinary incandescent bulb in shape and is rapidly popularized to ordinary families. AT&S of Austria, a world famous PCB production company, is actively developing PCB for LED, and intends to use such PCB as a pillar product in the future. Panasonic Electrician has developed CEM-3 copper clad laminate with high heat dissipation performance suitable for LED 2 to 3 years ago and has shown it on "CPCA SHOW".

At present, the Korean government is implementing a plan to replace street lamps with LED lighting. Korean Electronic Circuit Industry Association KPCA took the lead in standardizing LED PCB in the world, established a PCB working group for LED, and is taking the time to formulate this standard to promote the standardization of LED PCB.

Japan Electronic Circuit Industry Association (JPCA) has released the "JPCA-TMC-LED01S Electronic Circuit Substrate Standard for High Brightness LED" and "JPCA-TMC-LED02T Electronic Circuit Substrate Test Method for High Brightness LED" formulated by the association this year.

The printed circuit board for LED is not just a PCB that some of us think is made of metal base (aluminum base) copper clad plate, but according to different uses, some use general FR-4, FR-5, CEM-3, flexible polyimide boards, some use resin based materials with heat dissipation through holes, high heat conduction resin based materials, and some use metal based materials, metal core based materials, and ceramic based materials.

We have always talked about product structure adjustment and LED energy-saving characteristics, which will inevitably become a very important industry in China. LED lighting is widely used and has a huge market, which will not only have a huge impact on energy conservation and consumption reduction in China, but also provide a huge market for our printed circuit industry.

In the information age, information is an opportunity. Whether our entrepreneurs in the printed circuit industry have seen the opportunity of LED, let's get ready to welcome the arrival of the LED lighting era!

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain to you that LED will bring new markets to PCB industry.

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