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Industry news
New energy vehicles become a hot spot, and PCB takes the lead in "getting on board"
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New energy vehicles become a hot spot, and PCB takes the lead in "getting on board"

New energy vehICles become a hot spot, and PCB takes the lead in "getting on board"

In recent years, new energy vehicles, driverless vehicles and other concepts have become hot, and the traditional automobile industry is developing towards intelligent, electric and other directions. With the promotion of new energy vehicles and the gradual development of automatic driving technology, the application of PCB based products is gradually expanding, which will promote the demand growth of new energy vehicles in the future.

The problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution caused by traditional vehicles have become increasingly prominent, which has promoted the development of new energy vehicles, a green means of transportation. At the same time, in order to improve environmental problems, new energy vehicles are also vigorously promoted by the government. Under these two upsurges, PCB industry will have more opportunities to develop and grow.

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In recent years, the trend of automobile electrification and electronization has become more and more obvious. As the infrastructure of electronic products, PCB manufacturing is increasingly important in the automotive supply chain. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the new energy vehicles will bring a lot of new application scenarios to PCB with the addition of charging, energy storage, power distribution and voltage conversion equipment.

The electrification and intellectualization of automobiles have developed dual wheel drive, and the PCB market for belt motor vehicles has increased. The demand for high frequency and high speed has LED to structural changes in the Automotive PCB MARKet. High frequency and High Speed PCB have relatively larger growth space, higher technical barriers and greater market concentration. On the one hand, compared with the drive system of traditional fuel engines, the electronization of automobiles has increased the requirements of the electronic control system on PCB. On the other hand, the core of new energy vehicles are batteries, motors and electronic controls, and their electronic proportion has been greatly increased compared with traditional vehicles. These two factors have improved the use of PCB in the automotive industry, and automotive PCB will usher in greater development space with the growth of the market size of new energy vehicles.

As more and more electronIC components are used in new energy vehicles, more and higher requirements are put forward for PCB products, so that high reliability PCB can get more opportunities. PCB is a key component of these electronic systems. Considering the requirements of automobile safety, PCB is not only a connecting component between devices, but also a PCB failure mode under various circumstances. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of PCB. All major PCB manufacturers are constantly innovating new technology development models to compete for market position. Because vehicle components involve personal safety, they need to have higher quality assurance, which leads to the characteristics of long product certification cycle and high entry threshold.

Driven by this background, major domestic PCB manufacturers have expanded their production capacity through various ways (such as mergers and acquisitions, expansion of production lines), among which the new production capacity is mainly targeted at high-end circuit boards facing the future, such as high-speed high-frequency boards, HDI, FPC, etc.

As an important component material used in new energy vehicles, the demand for new energy PCB is also rising. We can research and develop the corresponding PCB of new energy automobile circuit board according to the customer's needs. We will invest a lot in research and development, production equipment or testing equipment. We will set up a professional research and development team to participate in the development and quality maintenance, and add new advanced process equipment. Professional to provide customers with high-quality high-end model and design services.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain that new energy vehicles have become a hot spot, and PCB has taken the lead in "getting on board".

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