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The circuit board manufacturer tells you about the control board
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The circuit board manufacturer tells you about the control board

The circuit board manufacturer tells you about the control board

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers, PCBA manufacturers explain to you the knowledge of circuit board manufacturers about control boards

Control board is also a kind of circuit board. Although its application scope is not as broad as that of circuit board, it is more intelligent and automatic than that of ordinary circuit board. In short, only the circuit board that can play a control role can be called a control board. Control panels are used in automatic production equipment from manufacturers to remote control toy cars for children.

Chinese name Control board Foreign name Control board Motor control board Automation equipment is the most critical component Industrial control board Power control board is classified as main control board and drive board.

The control board is a kind of circuit board, which is designed to meet the application requirements of most control systems.

The control board generally includes a panel, a main control board and a drive board.

Industrial control panel

In industrial equipment, it is usually called power control panel, which can be divided into intermediate frequency power control panel and high-frequency power control panel. The medium frequency power supply control board is usually connected to the silicon controlled medium frequency power supply and used together with other medium frequency industrial equipment, such as medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency quenching machine tool, medium frequency forging, etc. The high-frequency control board used in high-frequency power supply can be divided into IGBT and KGPS. IGBT high-frequency power supply is widely used in high-frequency machines because of its energy-saving type. The control boards of common industrial equipment include: CNC stone engraving machine control board, plastic molding machine control board, liquid filling machine control board, adhesive die cutting machine control board, automatic drilling machine control board, automatic tapping machine control board, positioning and labeling machine control board, ultrasonic cleaning machine control board, etc;

circuit board

Motor control board

Motor is the executive mechanism of automatic equipment, and also the most critical part of automatic equipment. If it is described more abstractly and vividly, it is like a human hand for intuitive operation; To guide the "hand" work well, we need all kinds of motor driven control boards; Common motor drive control boards include ACIM-AC induction motor control board, brushless DC motor control board, BLDC brushless DC motor control board, PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor control board, stepping motor drive control board, asynchronous motor control board, synchronous motor control board, servo motor control board, tubular motor drive control board, etc.

Home appliance control panel

In the era of the Internet of Things becoming more and more popular, the home appliance control panel is also integrated with the Internet of Things technology. The home control panel here refers to not only the home use, but also many commercial control panels. There are roughly such categories: home appliance IoT controller, smart home control system, RFID wireless curtain control panel, cabinet type air conditioner control panel, electric water heater control panel, household range hood control panel, washing machine control panel, humidifier control panel, dishwasher control panel, commercial soymilk machine control panel, ceramic stove control panel, automatic door control panel, electric lock control panel, intelligent access control system, etc.

Medical device control board

It is mainly used in the circuit board of medical instruments, control instrument work, data acquisition, etc. Common control boards of medical instruments around are: medical data acquisition control board, electronic blood pressure meter control board, body fat meter control board, heartbeat meter control board, massage chair control board, home physiotherapy instrument control board, etc.

Automobile electronic control panel

The automobile electronic control board is also understood as: the circuit board used in the automobile monitors the driving status of the vehicle from time to time, and provides convenient and safe travel services for the driver. Common car control panels include: car refrigerator control panel, car LED taillight control panel, car audio control panel, car GPS positioning control panel, car tire pressure monitoring control panel, car reversing radar control panel, car electronic anti-theft device control panel, car ABS controller/control system, car HID headlamp controller, etc.

Digital power control board

The digital power supply control board is similar to the switching power supply control board in the market, which is smaller and more efficient than the early transformer power supply; It is mainly used in some high-power and front-end power control fields. There are several types of digital power control panels: power digital power control panel module, lithium-ion battery charger control panel, solar charging control panel, intelligent battery power monitoring control panel, high-pressure sodium lamp ballast control panel, high-pressure metal halide lamp control panel, etc.

Communication control board

Communication control board, which literally means the control board for communication, is divided into wired communication control board and wireless communication control board. Of course, we all know that China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other communication enterprises use communication control boards for their internal equipment, but they only use a small part of the communication control boards, because the communication control boards have a wide range and are mainly divided by the working frequency band. Communication control boards in common frequency bands include 315M/433MRFID wireless communication circuit board, ZigBee Internet of Things wireless transmission control board, RS485 Internet of Things wired transmission control board, GPRS remote monitoring control board, 2.4G, etc;

Control panel and control system

Control system: it is understood as the equipment assembled by several control boards, which is a control system; For example, three people form a group. When three computers are connected, they form a network. The composition of the control system makes the operation between equipment more convenient and the production equipment more automatic, which saves the operation of personnel and improves the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise. The control system is used in the following industries: industrial IoT control system, agricultural IoT control system, large toy model controller, human-machine interface control system, greenhouse intelligent temperature and humidity controller, integrated water and fertilizer control system, PLC non-standard automatic test equipment control system, intelligent home control system, medical care monitoring system, MIS/MES workshop automatic production control system (promote Industry 4.0), etc.

According to the above industry product explanation, it can be generally understood that the control board is the main control center of the equipment. What the entire equipment needs to do requires the control board to give a detailed operation information, just like the human brain, guiding the body to do something. The control board is the center of the automation equipment. The quality of a piece of equipment depends on whether the design of the central control board is reasonable, whether the design idea of the design engineer is reasonable, and whether the data analysis is correct.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain to you the knowledge about control boards that PCB manufacturers tell you.

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