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Temperature gun medical PCB temperature measurement
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Temperature gun medical PCB temperature measurement

In view of the application and measurement technology of infrared thermometer, the body temperature gun PCB occupies an important PCB technology for body temperature measurement. The precise display board PCB can display our body temperature in the shortest time after measurement. We have to sigh with admiration that the technology has made such great progress. Let's introduce and analyze the application of the body temperature gun PCB with a small editor.

Medical display board PCB

pcb board

The infrared thermometer is a kind of therm

ometer that uses the radiation principle to measure the human body temperature. The infrared sensor it uses only absorbs the infrared radiation from the human body and does not emit any radiation to the outside world. It senses the human body temperature through a non-contact method. It can be divided into contact type and non-contact type.

Contact infrared thermometer: taking ear temperature gun as an example, it is mainly composed of shell, temperature sensor, temperature sensor, PCB circuit, LCD, buzzer and battery.

Non contact infrared thermometer: taking the forehead thermometer as an example, it is mainly composed of infrared probe components, main circuit board components, LCD display components and shell components.

Ear temperature gun

Ear temperature gun principle: It is a thermometer specially used to measure the temperature of the eardrum. It transmits the infrared radiation energy mainly emitted by the eardrum to thermal detectors such as thermopile through an infrared waveguide tube, converts the infrared radiation energy into electrical energy, and then conducts electrical signal processing to obtain the human body temperature information.

Characteristics of ear temperature gun:

1. The infrared ear temperature gun is specially used to measure the temperature of the human ear canal. Compared with the ordinary electronic thermometer, its measurement principle and measurement position are different, so it is impossible to obtain the same measurement value. The following are important concepts for judging body temperature:

a) The normal value of body temperature is a range, not a specific constant value, and everyone is different;

b) Normal body temperature, measured in different parts of the body are different, and should not be compared with each other. Ear temperature is the most accurate and sensitive;

c) The body temperature will change with age, sex, time, exercise, emotion, etc;

d) You can measure your temperature when you and your family are healthy, so that you can compare them when you have a fever in the future.

2. The infrared ear temperature gun is a high-tech and highly sensitive measuring instrument. In the process of use, there are high requirements for the operating environment and the measurement method (whether it is aligned with the eardrum), so it is easy to cause man-made inaccuracies in the measurement rather than the instrument itself. Specific precautions:

a) The infrared ear temperature gun must be stable in the operating environment for 30 minutes before measurement;

b) The measuring head of the ear temperature gun should be inserted into the ear canal as deep as possible to fit into the eardrum.

The measured temperature varies with different body parts.

Scope of application: It is applicable to families to avoid cross infection. At the same time, it should be noted that the ear canal diameter of babies under 6 months old is small, so it is not suitable to use an ear temperature gun.

forehead thermometer

The principle of the forehead gun: any object above absolute zero (- 273 ℃) will send out infrared rays. The forehead gun receives infrared rays through the sensor to obtain the induced temperature data.

Features of forehead temperature gun:

The reference design for measuring human forehead temperature is very simple and convenient to use. It can measure temperature accurately in one second without laser points, avoiding potential damage to eyes, contact with human skin and cross infection. It can measure temperature with one click to check flu.

Scope of application: It is suitable for family users, hotels, libraries, large enterprises and institutions, hospitals, schools, customs, airports and other comprehensive places, as well as medical personnel in clinics.

With the increasing demand for infrared temperature detection equipment, there is also the core component of infrared temperature detection equipment - infrared sensor. One of the most commonly used is the thermopile infrared temperature sensor - SMTIR9901/02. Based on the silicon based infrared sensor of thermopile, the infrared sensor can be used for non-contact temperature measurement. Because the infrared radiation characteristics are related to temperature, filters can be used to measure different temperature ranges. Mature PCB semiconductor process can reduce cost and miniaturize devices. In order to meet some applications, the opening angle of the infrared sensor can be designed to be less than 7 °. Direct induction thermal radiation, used to measure small temperature difference or average temperature, can provide a perfect solution for non-contact temperature measurement.

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