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Difficulties in transition of SMT industry to PCBA contracting
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Difficulties in transition of SMT industry to PCBA contracting

Difficulties in transition of SMT industry to PCBA contracting

Nowadays, many traditional SMT processing enterprises are looking for changes and have turned their attention to the processing mode of PCBA labor and material contracting. However, this transformation will face great challenges and will inevitably face the following difficulties. Shenzhen PCBA Processing Factory will give you an analysis.


1. Establishment and management of supply chain

The establishment of a high-quality supply chain cannot be completed overnight. Many SMT factories lack strong support from component suppliers during the transformation, making the OEM model difficult. On the other hand, it is difficult to find strange suppliers of electronic components, and it is often difficult to obtain technical, financial and accounting support., This is not something that can be built quickly with investment.

2. Bottleneck in technical support

SMT processing and manufacturing often only need to undertake the after-sales service problems at the welding level. However, after the transformation to PCBA processing, it is bound to face the technical diagnosis, fault analysis and after-sales service of the whole PCBA board, which requires a very professional team of electronic engineers to complete. In addition to the cost, the recruitment of these senior electronic engineers requires the guidance of Cultural Group on charm.

3. Substantial increase in manufacturing costs

In order to do a good job in PCBA processing enterprises, it is necessary to provide IQC incoming inspection, IPQC intermediate inspection and OBA delivery inspection. The related technical posts need to be equipped with more professionals, which makes the enterprise need to spend huge funds on team building, so as to ensure the customer's product manufacturing reliability and quality delivery. The rise in cost is bound to be urgent, which requires high-quality PCBA processing orders to support.

4. Business risk rises sharply

As PCBA board is composed of many electronic components, any component quality accident will inevitably lead to a whole batch of defective products, which will exert great pressure on the after-sales cost and payment collection of enterprises, and may pull enterprises into the vortex of bankruptcy in case of centralized outbreak.

SMT enterprises are facing the pressure of continuous price reduction and decentralized processing orders from customers. However, it still needs to take it easy. It needs to start from the aspects of competition differentiation, market differentiation, deep cultivation of internal process flow, and improvement of customer experience. Instead of switching to PCBA labor and material contracting mode in a knife like manner. The transformation of an enterprise is a long-term process, which cannot be completed overnight, and requires managers to have sufficient patience and strategic vision.

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