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Engineering Technology
Understand the requirements of SMT processing plant production line
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Understand the requirements of SMT processing plant production line

SMT mounting technology is continuously improved. TSMT chipechnICians in the same industry can no longer feel the sense of existence. The demand for SMT patches is also increasing. SMT components and components are increasing. As the component of , the editor of Jinzhizhuo SMT processing factory introduces the method of rapid differentiation.

SMT chip inductor and SMT chip capacitor are characterized by:

1: According to the color, the color of chip inductance is generally black, while the color of ordinary chip inductance is not black, because chip capacitance is only brave in precision devices, and chip tantalum capacitance is black. Chip capacitors are mostly gray, cyan and yellow, and usually slightly yellow than cardboard cases. Some chip capacitors are not printed, mainly because they are sintered at high temperature, which makes it impossible to print on the surface.

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2: According to the model, L usually starts with chip inductance, while C usually starts with chip capacitance. If judging from the shape, the circular shape is usually an inductance, and the resistance at both ends is measured as several ohms, which is an inductance.

3: Difference of inductance detection: Chip inductors usually have SMAll resistance value and discharge phenomenon. Usually, the multimeter pointer is deflected back and forth due to "charging and discharging". The resistance value of inductor is relatively small, while the resistance value of resistor is relatively large.

4: According to the internal structure: it can be found that the same component cutting component looks at the internal structure, and the coil structure is the chip inductance.

5: According to the shape, the inductor has a polygon shape, and the resistance is mainly based on a rectangle. When the parts to be distinguished have polygonal shape, especially circular shape, they are usually considered as inductors.

SMT chip processing equipment is a high-precision electromechanical equipment. Are equipment and process materials required for environmental cleanliness, humidity and temperature? In order to ensure the normal operation and assembly quality of the equipment, the working environment must be consistent. Requirements. What are the requirements for the working environment of SMT chip processing equipment?

Requirements for production line personnel of SMT processing plant: operators of production line equipment must pass professional technical training and be proficient in equipment operation procedures. Operators shall operate in strict accordance with the "Safety Technical Operation Procedures" and process requirements.

1. Power supply: power supply voltage and power supply shall meet equipment requirements.

2. The voltage shall be stable, and the requirements are: single-phase AC220 (220 ± 10%, 5060HZ); If three-phase AC380V (220 ± 10%, 5060HZ) does not meet the requirements, a regulated power supply shall be configured. The power of the power supply is more than twice of the power consumption. Temperature: ambient temperature: 23 ± 3 ° C is the best choice. Generally 17-28 ° C. The limit temperature is 15~35 ° C (the optimum ambient temperature of the PCB room is 23 ± 3 ° C) Humidity: relative humidity: 45.

3. Working environment: the workplace is clean, free of dust and corrosive gas.

4. The air cleanliness is 100000 (BGJ7384).

5. There should be some fresh air in the air conditioning environment. Try to control the CO2 content below 1000PPM and the CO content below 10PPM to ensure human health.

6. Anti static: The production equipment must be well grounded, and three-phase five wire grounding and independent grounding shall be adopted. The floor, workbench, seat, etc. of the production site shall meet the anti-static requirements.

7. Exhaust: There are exhaust requirements for reflow and wave soldering equipment.

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