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What kind of harm will PCB be caused by holding PCB by one hand
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What kind of harm will PCB be caused by holding PCB by one hand

In the process of PCB assembly and welding, SMT chip processing manufacturers have many employees or customers involved in operations, such as plug-in insertion, ICT testing, PCB disassembly, manual PCB welding operations, screw installation, rivet installation, manual pressing of crimping connectors, PCB cycling, etc. The most common operation is that one person picks up the pcb circuit board with one hand, which is the main factor leading to BGA and chip capacitor failures. So why does this lead to failure?

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Hazards of holding PCB board with one hand:

(1) It is generally allowed to hold PCB board with one hand, which are small in size, light in weight, BGA free and chip free; However, the circuit boards with large size, heavy weight, BGA and chip capacitors should be avoided. Because such behavior is easy to cause BGA, chip capacitance and even chip resistance solder joint failure. Therefore, the requirements on how to get the pcb circuit board shall be indicated in the process document.

The easiest link to hold a PCB with one hand is the pcb circuit board cycle. No matter how to remove the PCB from the conveyor belt or place it, most people unconsciously hold the PCB with one hand, because it is the most convenient. During manual welding, paste the radiator and install the screws. To complete an operation, you will naturally operate other work items on the circuit board with one hand. These seemingly normal operations often hide huge quality risks.

(2) Screw installation. In many SMT chip processing plants, tooling is saved to save costs. When installing screws on the PCBA, the components on the back of the PCBA are often deformed due to the unevenness of the components, which is easy to crack stress sensitive solder joints.

(3) Plug in through-hole components

Through hole components, especially transformers with thick leads, are often difficult to insert into the installation holes accurately due to the large position tolerance of the leads. The operator will not find a way to achieve the accuracy, but usually adopts a hard pressing operation, which will cause bending and deformation of the PCB board, and also damage the surrounding chip capacitors, resistors, and BGA.

The above is the "What harm will be caused to the pcb circuit board by holding the PCB with one hand" compiled by Kingford. I hope it will be helpful to you. Kingford PCB is a professional circuit board manufacturer, and you can come to us if you need to make boards.

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