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Application of flexible printed circuit board
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Application of flexible printed circuit board

FPC has many applications in many different fields. We use FPCS in solar cells, mobile phones, vehicles and aircraft. Many of these applications require thin and durable flexible sheets. As a result, they can withstand bending, folding, or rolling.

1. Mixing electrons

These are electronic products that have both organic and inorganic components. Hybrid electronics are useful clothing or building materials with embedded electronics.

2. Wearable electronics

Wearable electronics range from fitness trackers to glasses and other products we wear on our bodies. We've been using the FPC for wearable electronics. This is because of their extremely thin, flexible and transparent properties. This makes them great for integrating clothing and other clothing items.

3. Wireless communication

We have been using FPCS for many different types of wireless communication. They are good because they offer very high speed and low power features. They are essential for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. Many of these products require flexible plates that can be bent without damaging the circuit. Flexible FPCS make these products ultra-thin and durable. They also have a range of advantages, such as ease of wiring and simplified design.

4. Connectors

We use FPC in all connectors, including low temperature, high temperature and ultra high temperature versions. FPC connectors are also essential for high speed cables. They include fiber optic cables and miniature RF coaxial cables (e.g. CAT6).

5. Connectors and covers

The FPC is essential in the connector and case industry because of its versatility and ease of use. Many companies use FPCS to connect many products, including mobile phones and other portable devices. Others also use FPCS to house components such as leds and capacitors.

6. Printed circuit boards

FPC is essential in printed circuit board (PCB). They also work best in circuit sheets printed on a flexible substrate, usually made of PET or laminated silica. FPCS are ideal for PCBS because they can withstand high temperatures. They can also be easily integrated into the circuit board and provide excellent flexibility.

7. Portable devices

The FPC is suitable for the portable device market due to its thin and durable characteristics. One of the fundamental features of FPCS for this market is that we can fold, roll or bend them without damaging them.

8. Solar Energy

FPCS are ideal for solar power because of their flexibility, thinness, and environmental properties. We use them in electronics that convert light into energy. They include solar cells, photoelectric chemical cells and so on. These cells are flexible, thin and durable, providing high efficiency for solar energy.

How much does the FPC cost?

Most manufacturers and vendors determine FPC pricing based on application type, component, and quantity. For example, a small FPC order for a phone used as a business card, we can price it separately. On the other hand, if we use FPC in solar cells or aircraft control systems, we can price a larger order with more components as one order. FPC pricing is also influenced by the type of product or component. For example, flexible FPC boards are essential in smaller orders than rigid FPCS. This is due to their lower setup costs and smaller order sizes.

F-LGA and L-CUP are two common types of flexible printed circuit boards that are ideal for a variety of applications.

The F-LGA is a type of connector often referred to as a miniature connector because of its small size. The connector has a unique design suitable for the application. They need reliable, low-cost, and lightweight connections. F-LGA is a flexible PCB used for high frequency connections in cell phones, pagers, portable phones, video cameras, etc.

The L-CUP is a connector with LC interface designed to carry signals between fiber optic cables used in networking equipment such as routers, hubs, and switches. The connector has high transfer rates and excellent repeatability. L-CUP is a flexible PCB used in photovoltaic solar cells, medical devices and aerospace equipment.


The FPC is a flexible component for a wide range of applications. Because of the versatility of the FPC, we can use it in many different applications that require high durability and low cost embedded components. This flexibility and capability makes the FPC circuit an ideal component for many projects, including solar cells and mobile phones.

flexible circuit board

2. How to calculate the PCBA processing price?

A lot of friends to give the information immediately to quote, so in general, a complete PCBA processing quote how long it takes? These need to be calculated from the PCBA production and manufacturing including several links? As we all know, PCBA is a general term for circuit board assembly in China, including PCB board proofing, component procurement, SMT patch, and DIP component plug-in welding. Therefore, the link of quotation is composed of these three parts.

PCBA processing price calculation method

1. PCB expense

This link quotation needs to use the information of the board and the board description file. If there is no lack of data, the data should be sorted out neatly. If there are some special processes, the costs need to be recalculated, plus other additional costs, and a complete quotation can be made on the same day. If there are other circumstances, the time may exceed this time.

2. SMT patch processing expenses

The main cost of this module is in the processing fee accounting. Generally, SMT processing is charged according to one point. For example, some relatively small components are charged according to one point of one component, and some are charged according to one point of one foot, but generally the components are not less than two feet. Therefore, the unit price of those according to a component and a point is usually higher than that of a foot. Therefore, when calculating, do not only look at the unit price, but also look at the overall accounting, to see which form will be more cost-effective. The evaluation time for this module is also not very long.

3. Component costs

Components are divided into two categories, conventional resistance capacitors and some more special components. The price of these components is relatively transparent in the market, and it is also relatively easy to evaluate the price. However, the price evaluation of some other special BGA and IC chips will be more troublesome, because many of these components will be affected by international embargo, strict approval process, long customs clearance time and price instability. The price of such components fluctuates greatly, so the quotation takes the longest time, at least about three to four days.

Through the above simple explanation, we can understand that the whole process of PCBA's latest quotation will take several days, excluding holidays. There is also a case that the enterprise itself and reserve materials can greatly shorten the time of the quotation. Among the three quotation modules, the quotation of PCB board and processing link is relatively fast. Only when the quotation of some special components is encountered, the quotation time will be relatively long. Secondly, the order quantity of some enterprises is relatively large, you need to queue up the offer, but also need to spend some time.

Electronic products to do PCBA processing how to calculate the cost?

The hardware of electronic products mainly consists of the price of circuit board, components and patch processing, which is the cost of PCBA processing. Here we will answer the calculation of the three parts of the price in detail:

The price of PCB circuit board: according to the requirements of PCB process parameters, calculate the price of PCB per square meter under the parameters, and then calculate how many square meters of PCB their products need to use;

Component price: First open the schematic diagram, export the corresponding BOM, group the same components into a class, and count the number of components in each class. Then according to the BOM to calculate the quantity of various components for quotation;

smt patch price: The patch is calculated according to the number of points, so the pin statistics of the first components, different types of pin foot unit price is different, after the number of points, also need to add the boot fee, steel mesh fee.

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