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How does smt plant improve production efficiency?
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How does smt plant improve production efficiency?

1.SMT patch is a very key process in today's electronIC manufacturing. Now more and more circuit boards are produced and widely used. Patch assembly manufacturing involves many complex processes, and building it effectively will be very challenging.

Efficiency is essential in PCB patch processing. SMT factories can improve their overall productivity and even speed through scientific production management.

You must pay attention to almost all factors related to SMT processing and assembly. Even the SMAllest point can lead to efficiency anomalies in assembly and manufacturing.

The installation speed of equipment indirectly depends on whether the assembly process is smooth. If SMT patch fabrication and assembly are inefficient, equipment problems may occur. But there is a way around this.

There are a variety of methods and steps to improve the efficiency of circuit board manufacturing and assembly testing to produce perfect functional output. Let's discuss the following:

1. Aim for fewer component changes

In the circuit board, you will see different components on the same board. Today, they play a very important role in the efficiency of the SMT patch process. Because, together, they are used to make the entire PCBa and thus to connect electrical functions.

Now, changes in these components can cause difficulties in the manufacturing process. It is important to note that different parts of a PCBA will differ if they come from different manufacturers. Not all manufacturers can produce the same components. Their components may vary - size, shape and function.

If there are complex and diverse categories of components, it is difficult to carry out efficient processing. In the process of patch processing, the fewer types of components, the better, the more unified brand model, the better, if there is any change should be as low as possible.

Ii. More focus on PCBA assembly (its manufacture and requirements)

If you do not know the requirements of pcb light board, how do you plan to improve the manufacturing efficiency of pcba? Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the condition of PCB and work accordingly.

Here is where the manufacturing process comes in. You should focus on conducting the manufacturing process in a way that meets all the requirements of the pcba. The PCB assembly manufacturing process should ensure that the output is efficient and of high quality.

You should know every step of the SMT process

Each step of the SMT process increases the importance of manufacturing. Various problems can arise during such steps and phases. There will be some difficulties in different processes, leading to quality problems and thermal properties. In this way, the production process may take more time, resulting in delayed delivery of the product. This can be risky because your reliability decreases.

None of these problems arise if you understand every step taken in the smt process. It will help you point out where you went wrong and how to resolve those difficulties. This can help increase productivity, and your reliability will be right.

PCBA board

2. PCBA inspection standard of electronic processing outgoing products

PCBA processing inspection standard, IPC-A-610, refers to an international standard of the acceptability of electronic assembly. With the continuous development of science and technology, in order to adapt to the continuous development of electronic manufacturing requirements, IPC-A-610 is constantly updated.

The PCBA inspection standard defines acceptable standards and defects.

Accept Criterion: The acceptable criterion includes ideal condition, acceptable condition and rejected condition.

[Target Condition] : This assembly condition is close to the ideal and perfect assembly result. Can have good assembly reliability, judged as the ideal condition.

[Accept Condition] : This assembly condition is not close to ideal condition, but can maintain the assembly reliability, so it is regarded as qualified condition and judged as acceptable condition.

Reject Condition: This assembly condition fails to meet standards, which has the potential to affect the functionality of the product, but is judged to be a reject condition based on appearance factors to maintain the competitiveness of our product.

Critical Defect: A defect that is sufficient to cause injury to human body or machine or endanger life and property.

Major Defect: A defect that has rendered the material function of the product useless or less reliable. A defect or defect is a major defect

Minor Defect: A unit defect whose performance does not materially degrade its usefulness but still achieves its desired purpose. It is usually a difference in appearance or assembly of a mechanism, expressed as MI.

Passing the PCBA inspection standard can provide guidance for ensuring the quality of PCBA processed products and improve the qualified rate of products.

3. The cost of PCBA processing is mainly reflected in the assembly link

In order to understand the high cost in PCBA processing, we need to decompose the whole process of manufacturing and material contract. PCBA (PCB assembly) means PCB assembly, which must include circuit board light board and component welding (SMT mounting /DIP plug-in post welding). At present, the price of light board in the MARKet is between 350 and 550, and the price of components is basically open and transparent in major shopping malls, which can be compared for reference.

Since the main PCB circuit boards and components are not the possibility of price increases, so the cost is reflected in the link of assembly. The main cost of this link is in the following four aspects:

1, auxiliary materials: tin paste, tin strip, flux, UV glue, furnace fixture

The quality of solder paste and solder strip is the most important auxiliary material in the whole processing link, generally domestic solder paste price in 180~260/ bottle, imported solder paste may be in 320~480/ bottle, then the same welding area, the price of imported solder paste is much higher, but the quality of welding difference is very obvious.

2. SMT patch processing

Patch processing according to the number of points and packaging, there will be a certain difference in price. Large quantity and high price is the consensus of the industry, the larger the component package size, the easier to mount, the corresponding bad quality will be reduced, so the price also has greater room for communication.

3, DIP plug-in after welding hours

Plug-in material link because it involves special-shaped parts and material molding, this link needs a lot of manual participation, because there is no production capacity reference of machinery and equipment, this link is the most difficult to control the cost of the link. At the same time, the labor cost is high, and the cost of this link is generally high.

4. Assembly test: test fixture, test equipment and test man-hour

The test fixture currently varies from dozens to hundreds of yuan according to the difficulty of the test, and the test of communication equipment also needs optical fiber, ICT and other test equipment assistance, the corresponding manual and equipment loss need to be taken into account, but not very high, some companies and even the test is free.

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