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pcb proofing
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pcb proofing

In the PCB electronics industry often hear the word allegro, but some friends do not know what it means, even the allegro proofing needs a few days is not very clear, the following Xiao bian to popularized in detail.

What does PCB Allegro proofing mean

PCB geographICal proofing refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production of boards. After the engineer finishes the design, the PCB file is sent to the Circuit board manufacturer for processing into PCB boards. For some products, customers require a relatively short cycle, so they require fast delivery, which is what we often call pcb geographical proofing.


Literally, PCB proofing is faster and can be expedited. Conversely, pcb proofing does not need to be expedited.

Due to the relatively fast update and iteration of electronic products, the demand for pcb proofing gradually grows and the MARKet share is constantly expanding. With the increasingly high technical requirements of electronic products, information becomes more and more high-speed, which leads to the relatively fast growth of pcb allegro proofing, and more and more factories providing pcb allegro proofing.

pcb allegro proofing takes several days

1. Single and double panel urgent service

8 hours expedited charge, 12 hours expedited shipment, 24 hours expedited shipment, 48 hours expedited shipment and so on.

2, 4 layer board urgent service

24 hours expedited shipping, 48 hours expedited shipping, 72 hours expedited shipping, 96 hours expedited shipping and so on.

3. Six-layer board urgent service

48 hours expedited shipping, 72 hours expedited shipping, 96 hours expedited shipping and so on.

You can choose the urgent time according to your product demand, and the corresponding price of different selected services is not the same.

PCB board fast proofing how much money PCB board fast proofing which is good

No matter what industry, price, quality is a problem that all business owners are more concerned about, so in the pcb board proofing industry proofing how much cost, which one is better, the following Xiao bian to say in detail according to years of industry experience.

pcb board fast proofing how much

Here Xiao bian on the common single and double side pcb board quick proofing for quotation, pcb quick proofing is divided into special price board and non-special price board.

1, special price board standard: the board layer is single and double panel, the material is FR4, the size of the length and width within 10*10cm, the board thickness requirement is between 0.8-1.6mm, the process requirement is ordinary spray tin, the ink color is green oil and white characters, the quantity is within 10PCS, the minimum line width and line distance is 0.15mm/0.15mm, the minimum aperture is 0.3mm.

As long as meet the above special price of Standard PCB board proofing prices are 50 yuan, no free shipping.


2, non-special price board standard: The board layer is single and double layer, the material is FR4, the size of the length or width has exceeded 10cm on one side, the board thickness is required to be between 0.8-1.6mm, the process is required to be ordinary tin spray, the ink color is green oil and white characters, the quantity is less than 10PCS, the minimum line width and line distance is 0.15mm/0.15mm, and the minimum aperture is 0.3mm.

As long as the length or width of any side is more than 10cm, the pcb board proofing fee should be executed according to the following. Engineering fee 50 yuan + board fee, such as the size is calculated according to 12*15cm, the unit price is 0.05 yuan/square centimeter, so it is 12(length)*15(width)*0.05(unit price)=9 yuan, and then 9 yuan (single price)*10PCS(quantity)=90 yuan, engineering fee 50 yuan + board fee 90 yuan =140 yuan, Then the pcb proofing cost of this type beyond the special price range is 140 yuan.

The above is the price of general delivery, quick proofing is divided into 8 hours of expedited charge, 12 hours of expedited shipment, 24 hours of expedited shipment, 48 hours of expedited shipment and so on. Different service prices are different, such as 24 hours expedited shipment, need allegro sample fee of 100 yuan, 48 hours expedited shipment, need allegro sample fee of 50 yuan. The total price also needs to depend on the number and area of the board, the specific need to communicate with customer service.

pcb board fast proofing which good

First look at quality

To see whether the PCB copper thickness is in line with the specification, whether the line is flat, the surface of the board is regular lubrication, copper foil adhesion is good enough, and so on, these are important factors to query the quality of the board. As long as the product quality is guaranteed, it means that the allegro factory is worth your choice.

Second, speed

Nowadays, many customers often have the need of urgent proofing, which puts forward higher requirements for the production power of PCB manufacturers. As long as the production power is qualified, you can ensure the delivery on time based on the supply of a variety of products expedited efficiency. For example, it has a supply of different length of single and double multilayer panels and other SMAll batch efficiency, to ensure that the scheduLED delivery.


Third, look at the effectiveness

The efficiency level mainly looks at the Allegro factory on the trial speed of orders, on the customer needs to take care of the needs and on the processing speed of customer problems. Assume the effectiveness of the state of mind, and has a rich order quantity, it shows that the manufacturer has to ensure the effectiveness of quality.

pcb board fast proofing recommended Chengdu circuit, first of all, our company uses high-end automatic equipment, eliminated the traditional old equipment. Not only to ensure the quality, but also to save labor, the company constantly adjust production capacity, on the new equipment, is to save more costs, the cost saved directly back to the customer. That's not something many other companies can do.

New high-end equipment, not only save labor, but also improve the quality of more than one grade. First of all, our company's raw materials all use high quality A-grade materials, Guizhou copper ball, Taiwan Changchun dry film, good raw materials to ensure good quality, secondly, all the products have passed AOI and flying needle test, quality assurance. Electroplating line all adopt the latest automation equipment, which not only increases the capacity but also improves the quality.

pcb board fast proofing circuit or very good, worth choosing.

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