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pcb board quick proofing cost pcb board quick proofing contact information
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pcb board quick proofing cost pcb board quick proofing contact information

As the MARKet competition becomes more and more fierce, the prICe of the product is the concern of all business owners and purchasers. For example, many friends are not very clear about the cost of PCB board fast proofing, and some contact information of fast proofing. The following Xiao bian will say it in detail according to the actual situation of the factory.

PCB board quick proofing cost

PCB board quick proofing is generally charged according to the information provided by customers and process requirements. For example: the number of boards, process requirements, ink color, board thickness, difficulty, expediting time and so on, a comprehensive evaluation of the price. It is not a general how much it costs to make a pcb sample.


Here Xiao bian to single and double side common pcb board quick proofing for the price.

The board layer is single and double panel, the material is FR4, the size of length and width is less than 10*10cm, the board thickness is required to be between 0.8 and 1.6mm, the process is required to be ordinary tin spray, the ink color is green oil and white characters, the quantity is less than 10PCS, the minimum line width and line distance is 0.15mm/0.15mm, the minimum aperture is 0.3mm.

What documents should be sent to the manufacturer for PCB proofing

Since there are many uncertainties in the pcb board drawing designed in the early stage, proofing is needed to test the function and structure, etc. Only when the proofing is accurate can the mass production be put into production. Then, it is particularly important to provide accurate proofing documents, so do everyone know what documents need to be provided? And what should be noted in the documentation provided? The following Xiao bian to say in detail.

pcb proofing to be sent to the manufacturer

First of all, you need to provide PCB or GERBER file, file to include plate making instructions, including the number of sub-layers, material, pad process, ink color and other specific requirements, the following to understand the specific part of the main parameter description.


Material: To explain what kind of material is needed for PCB production, FR4 is the most common at present, and the main material is epoxy resin stripped fiber cloth board.

Patchwork mode: is a single piece of shipment, or a piece of shipment.

Board layer: To describe the number of layers to make pcb board. (The price of PCB board varies with the number of production layers, and the proofing process of PCB board is much the same)

Solder resistance color: there are many kinds of color, can also be selected according to the requirements, the general is green.

Screen printing color: color of screen printing font and frame on PCB. White is generally selected.

Copper thickness: The thickness of copper is scientifically calculated according to the current of PCB circuit. Generally, the thicker the better, but the cost will be higher, so a reasonable balance is needed.

Whether the hole is covered by solder resistance: The solder resistance is to insulate the hole, otherwise it is to let the hole is not insulated.

Surface coating: spray tin and gold.

Quantity: The quantity of PCB should be clearly stated.

Delivery time: Whether urgent delivery is required or normal delivery (delivery time is different and the price is different)

Mode of transportation: express, delivery, self - collection

pcb proofing general how much money,pcb proofing to which website

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the types of electronic products are more and more, so the design engineer in the early design, in order to determine the feasibility of the scheme, will keep proofing for testing, then pcb proofing is according to what charge, and which website proofing, the following Xiao bian to say in detail.

How much is PCB proofing

To know this problem, first of all, we need to know what the cost of pcb proofing is composed of.

1. Cost of flying needle test

Flying needle testing is very important to the quality of PCB circuit boards. pcb proofing manufacturers with good reputation usually carry out flying needle testing after the production is completed. Under normal circumstances, some manufacturers will do flying needle testing for free for circuit boards with SMAll samples and SIMple data.



2. Surface treatment costs

PCB in the production and manufacturing of the substrate surface treatment, and different circuit board surface treatment costs vary greatly, for example, the cost of gold processing is higher than that of ordinary tin spraying process, so pcb sampling surface treatment is an important part of the cost.

3, ink costs

pcb proofing solder character ink cost is different according to the type of ink selected, enterprises have special needs in the board and the amount of order is very small, the manufacturer will waste more ink, so if the choice of non-green oil white character or specified a brand of ink, the price will be higher than ordinary ink.

4. PCB board cost

The PCB board cost is mainly related to the size of the PCB board, the larger the size of the PCB board will consume more PCB substrate, and PCB substrate is the biggest cost of raw materials in pcb circuit board proofing, the general price is calculated by the size multiplied by the fixed board cost coefficient.

In addition to the above costs, other costs are also involved in professional pcb proofing, such as fixed engineering cost, film cost, invoice cost and urgent cost. Therefore, the cost of pcb proofing is composed of several parts, and the cost is not fixed. But according to the selection of materials, production tools and the number of circuit board layers to jointly decide.

In short, proofing words 50-500 yuan is different, mainly depends on your needs, it is best to contact the customer, tell all the needs, so as to calculate the accurate price.

pcb proofing to which website

pcb proofing recommended to Cheng Xian circuit website, his home website is:

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