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How to select the substrate material of PCB
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How to select the substrate material of PCB

How to select the substrate material of PCB

1. Gold plate

The cost of the gold-plated plate process is the highest among all the plates, but at present, all the existing plates are the most stable and most suitable for the lead-free process. Especially for some electronIC products with high unit price or high reliability, it is recommended to use this plate as the base material.

2. OSP board

The OSP process has the lowest cost and is easy to operate. However, the popularity of this process is still poor because the assembly plant has to modify the equipment and process conditions and the rework is poor. Using this type of plate, after high temperature heating, the protective film pre coated on the PAD is bound to be damaged, resulting in reduced solderability, especially when the substrate is subjected to secondary back welding. Therefore, if the process needs another DIP process, At this time, the DIP end will face welding challenges.

PCB board

3. Silver plate

Although "silver" itself has a strong mobility, which leads to the occurrence of electric leakage, today's "silver immersion" is not a pure metallic silver in the past, but an "organic silver" co plated with organic matter. Therefore, it has been able to meet the needs of the future lead-free process, and its solderability life is longer than the OSP board.

4. Melting plate

The biggest problem with such substrates is the "BlackPad". Therefore, many large manufacturers do not agree to use the lead-free process, but most domestic manufacturers use this process.

5. Tin melting plate

This kind of substrate is easy to be polluted and scratched. In addition, the process (FLUX) will oxidize and discolor. Most domestic manufacturers do not use this process, so the cost is relatively high.

6. Tin spraying plate

Because of its low cost, good solderability, good reliability and strongest compatibility, this kind of tin spraying plate with good soldering characteristics cannot be used in the lead-free process because it contains lead. In addition, "tin silver copper tin spraying plate" is difficult to obtain characteristic data because most of them do not use this process.

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