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Engineering Technology
Look at the new glue spraying technology for pcb board production
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Look at the new glue spraying technology for pcb board production

PCB bottom filling is a technology often used in the PCB industry. In order to meet some special dispensing requirements, the initial bottom filling technology was used to meet the production of ceramICs. With the development of technology, it was gradually applied to the chip packaging of PCB boards. The PCB boards were sprayed with glue through the dispensing equipment, and then the chips were bonded to PCB boards through the nature of glue. However, the requirements of PCB board glue spraying on the equipment were relatively high, This needs to be applied to high-speed filling dispenser.

The high-speed filling dispenser is also a mature equipment, which has high advantages in dispensing speed. It can dispensing, coating, packaging and other work for products. There is basically no dispensing machine that can exceed its speed in terms of speed. It has high speed. Other dispensing technologies are also very good. The high requirements for PCB spraying can still be met, otherwise, the high-speed dispensing machine cannot use the bottom filling technology.

pcb board

PCB board

The underfill technology is very suitable for the current production of the electronic industry. Other methods cannot meet the requirements of PCB glue spraying, and then the underfill technology is gradually adopted. At first, there was no expectation of enterprises for underfill technology. Just try to get the desired results, and then try this glue dispensing effect. But the final results surprised everyone, and then this technology was gradually promoted.

PCB chip packaging and PCB board glue spraying have strict requirements for glue spraying technology, and there are also high requirements for PCB production speed. The faster the speed is, the more benefits enterprises will be able to win. There are few dispensing machines that can meet these conditions. High speed filling dispensing machine is one of them, while other dispensing machines only have speed or precision. High speed filling dispensing machines will appear soon, The spraying effect of this dispensing is very good, and the PCB produced is also quite good.

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