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SMT patch processing

The key technology of reflow welding machine in SMT patch processing

SMT basic process elements: solder paste printing -> Parts mounting --> Reflow welding --> AOI Optical Detection --> Maintenance --> The board is divided.

SMT patch processing repair some skills to share

There are two ways to judge the quality of the circuit board: 1. standard rules of size and thickness, 2. light color, 3. Welding appearance

SMT patch processing basic introduction

SMT patch processing basic introduction: high assembly density, small size of electronic products, light weight, high reliability, strong vibration resistance. Low defect rate of solder joint, good high-frequency characteristics, reduce electromagnetic an

SMT patch processing process to ensure the quality of the equipment

The installation and welding of surface assembly parts are mainly divided into two basic technology methods, which are solder paste - reflow welding process - patch glue - wave soldering process

What should we pay attention to in SMT patch processing to ensure quality

SMT patch processing solder paste need to pay attention to: 1, constant temperature: 2, delivery: 3, freezing :4, situation: 5, applied old solder paste :6, on the steel net paste amount:

What are the requirements of flux in SMT patch processing

The physical characteristics of flux refer to melting point, surface tension, viscosity, mixing and so on, which are related to welding performance.

Solder paste printing collapse for SMT patch processing

The main adverse phenomena in the solder paste printing process of SMT patch processing are as follows:After printing, the solder paste is not enough and gradually spreads to the outside of the pad. Reason analysis: 1, the scraper pressure is too large, 2

SMT patch processing PCBA overhaul includes what aspects

SMT patch processing PCBA overhaul includes what aspects: ① Check the electronic devices, each spot welding electronic devices are not wrong version, leakage, reverse problem exists, ② spot welding welding is not smooth, there is no abnormality, ③ query d

SMT patch processing and welding skills are what

necessary to set up professional testing equipment in each process and strictly control the quality of the process

SMT patch processing what solder paste

SMT patch processing what solder paste:First, there are lead and lead-free solder paste, two, high temperature solder paste, medium temperature solder paste, low temperature solder paste, three, tin powder particle size

How to improve SMT patch processing efficiency

Circuit board testing and printing pcb circuit boards are initially applied in paper-based copper-covered circuit boards. Since the appearance of semiconductor material audion in the 50's of the 20th century, the demand for circuit boards has increased si

How to design PCB for SMT patch processing

How to design PCB for SMT patch processing: 1. First determine the function of electronic products, performance indicators, cost and overall size of the overall goal, 2. Electrical principle and mechanical structure design, according to the structure of t

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