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PCBA processing plants

How do PCBA processing plants select high quality reflow soldering?

The heating methods of reflow welding are generally divided into two categories: one is by the red lamp and adapted tube heater; The other type is ceramic plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate heater.

​ How do PCBA processing plants purchase components?

How should PCBA processing plant do a good job in component procurement: 1. PCBA component procurement channels; 2. PCBA component quality control; 3

How to Improve Production Efficiency in PCB Factory

How to improve production efficiency and ensure quality in PCBA processing plant

PCBA assembly and welding process of FPC

PCBA assembly and welding process of FPC is different from that of hard circuit board

Common splicing methods of PCBA circuit board

What are the common splicing methods and principles of PCBA circuit boards?

Surface treatment process of circuit board

How to select the surface treatment process of HASL, ENIG and OSP circuit boards?

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