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PCB manufacturing

How to find PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly prices?

To accurately calculate printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly costs, please fill out your order form in any convenient way:- Manufacturing and assembly orders for printed circuit boards. Send us your completed request via email. And upload Gerb

PCB Manufacturing Equipment

Kingford shows the equipment required for the PCB production process in its own PCB factory. If you want to know more about PCB circuit board needs, please leave a message for consultation.

PCB manufacturing capability

Standard PCB Production CapabilityFeatureCapabilityQuality GradeStandard IPC 2Number of Layers1 - 32layersOrder Quantity1pc - 10,000,000 pcsBuild Time2days - 5weeks (Expedited Service)MaterialFR-4 Standard Tg 150°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C, FR4-High-Tg 180°C, F

In the PCB manufacturing industry

in reality, due to economic considerations, PCB manufacturers cannot test every circuit board after every process. Therefore, process engineers and quality control managers must carefully consider how best to balance their investment in testing with the b

PCB manufacturing principle process

PCB manufacturing principle processThe manufacturing process of PCB is relatively complicated, and there are many process requirements. In fact, there are many specific manufacturing processes on the Internet. Let’s talk about the principle of PCB. PCBs a

The basic factors affecting the electroplating process of PCB manufacturing

The output value of the global electroplating PCB industry accounts for the proportion of the total output value of the electronic components industry growing rapidly.

PCB manufacturing process for welding pad requirements

The center of gravity of the entire board should be close to the geometric center of the PCB. The center of gravity should not be allowed to drift to the edge of the board (1/4 area).

What is the difference between gold and gold plating in PCB manufacturing

sinking gold plate and gold plate is the same process product, electric gold plate and flash gold plate is the same process product, in fact, it is just different people in the PCB industry of different names, sinking gold plate and electric gold plate is

PCB manufacturing principle and production process introduction

The finger contains a number of exposed copper pads that are actually part of the PCB wiring. Usually to connect, we insert the gold finger on one PCB into the appropriate Slot on the other PCB (generally called an expansion Slot).

PCB manufacturing enterprises lean production thinking

TPM and other high-end knowledge, but ignore the field management, ignore the most basic production activities of the people and equipment.

The rules and regulations in PCB manufacturing

In short, PCB manufacturing is a complex, long project, need to comply with a lot of rules and regulations, to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment, to ensure that improve the work efficiency and yield.

PCB manufacturing cost composition

Composition of PCB manufacturing production cost: The production cost of PCB products refers to the total of direct materials, direct labor, direct labor and other direct or indirect costs actually consumed in the production process

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