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The rules and regulations in PCB manufacturing
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The rules and regulations in PCB manufacturing

It is said that "no rules, no square". The manufacturing of any product should comply with the rules, PCB manufacturing is no exception. In order to effectively improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, only by establishing rules and regulations for all links in PCB manufacturing and strictly implementing them, effectively supervising the implementation process, and immediately correcting any problems found can we effectively improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Below, let's take a look at the rules and regulations in PCB manufacturing:

1. Daily maintenance of SMT placing machine

SMT machine is a kind of high technology, high precision machine, the constant temperature, humidity, and environmental cleaning requirements. During routine maintenance, you must adhere to the daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and yearly maintenance guidelines.

2. Requirements for equipment operators

(1) Operators shall receive certain SMT professional knowledge and technical training.

(2) Operate in strict accordance with the machine operation rules. It is not allowed to operate machines and equipment with faults, in order to eliminate production risks. Once the fault is found, the machine should be shut down in time, and report to the technician or maintenance personnel. It can not be used until the fault is completely repaired and removed.

(3) The operator should concentrate on the operation and achieve "three times" :

One is to observe whether there are abnormal phenomena in the operation of the machine, such as improper installation of components.

Listen carefully to see if there is any abnormal sound in the operation of the machine, such as the abnormal sound of the mounting head, the throwing material, the transmitter, etc.

One by one, find problems and solve them in time. Solve small problems yourself, and ask maintenance personnel to overhaul big problems.

PCB board

3. Develop measures to reduce or avoid mistakes

SMT is most likely to make mistakes by pasting wrong components and mounting positions. The following preventive measures are hereby formulated:

(1) After the programming of the feeder, there must be a special person to check whether the component value of each numbered position of the material station is consistent with the component value of the corresponding feeder number in the programming table.

(2) ribbon feeder, after pasting each material tray and then filling. There must be a special person to check the correct value of the new plate.

(3) The patch must be edited once after programming. Check the component number, rotation Angle and mounting position for each mounting step.

(4) After the first part of each batch of products is affixed, there must be a special person to inspect, and the problems found should be corrected by modifying procedures and other methods in time.

(5) In the mounting process, often check the mounting position, throwing material and so on. SMT line technician found problems should be checked in time and eliminated.

In short, PCB manufacture is a complex, long project, need to abide by a lot of rules and regulations, the above just introduces the production equipment in use and production personnel in production should abide by some rules and regulations. To ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment, to ensure the improvement of work efficiency and yield, to ensure the high quality of products and customer retention rate, PCB production and manufacturing of those rules and regulations must be strictly implemented in place. In the final analysis, no matter how effective the system is, it still needs to be implemented by people, and human factors are very important. In our production, the personnel in place is not enough, but also must constantly improve the quality of operators, which is a compulsory course of any PCB enterprise.

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