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PCB industry

Kingford to Explore The Impact Of Automotive Electronics On PCB Industry

As cars become more intelligent and electrified, automakers are increasing their demand for the quantity and precision of electronic components.

In 2015, the growth trend of the world PCB industry slowed down

IPC's monthly PCB industry statistics are derived from data regularly provided by a representative sample of rigid and flexible PCB manufacturers in the United States and Canada. IPC will issue monthly PCB book-to-bill ratio and PCB statistics project rep

PCB industry chain

PCB industry chain1. Introduction to PCBPrinted circuit board (referred to as PCB) is a finished board with insulating substrate and conductor as the material, designed and made of printed circuit, printed component or a combination of the two according t

Three application cases of industrial robots in PCB industry

The PCB designer can automatically change the relevant constraints by simply updating the process characteristic parameters. The PCB designer can then run the DRC(PCB Design Rule Check) to determine if the new process violates any other PCB design rules a

The automotive PCB industry, the "skeleton" of intelligent vehicles, is rising rapidly

In terms of land concessions, tax incentives, free recruitment and other aspects, the enterprises in the east have a great attraction, and the "flowering" momentum of PCB industry in the west appears.

Development prospect analysis of PCB industry in China in 2018

The use of impedance circuit board with reputation is solving many real problems for people, for the safety of very concerned manufacturers, choose a impedance circuit board manufacturers matching their own products for cooperation, can ensure the safety

Summarize the development of PCB industry in Japan in 2018 and analyze the persistent problems of PCB business of Japanese enterprises

Most of the equity is controlled by banks and trust shareholders or occupies a large proportion, which is not conducive to stand out in the competition of PCB market in the future.

PCB industry back to Taiwan investment, layout of high-level and 5G products

With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, PCB industry continues to grow. The global output of PCB increased from more than $40 billion in 2008 to $60 billion in 2018. The share of China's PCB industry in the world has also change

PCB industry prosperity is improving

The size of the welding nozzle should be as large as possible to ensure the stability of the welding process and not affect the adjacent components on the PCB, which is important to the design engineer, but also difficult, because the stability of the pro

PCB industry: 5G commercial landing to promote the high growth of PCB demand in the future focus on high-level HDI and packaging substrate

the growth rate is the passive components and PCB as the representative of the component plate. 5G substrates, such as soft boards, high-end high-speed materials and PCB, are comprehensively distributed, benefiting from the strong flexibility of 5G and th

The flowers seem to be blooming like a brocade, but in fact, the fire is cooking oil. "5G has not promoted the domestic PCB industry?

The PCB industry will benefit a lot in the industrial chain. With the emergence and rapid progress of 5G communication technology, a number of related fields are entering the situation of technology iteration and product application upgrade simultaneously

2020 Global PCB industry market status!

As a result, future digital life situations such as remote teaching, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, and AI for industrial risk control have been started in advance.

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