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IC components

Electronic components procurement knowledge and process

Electronic components procurement knowledge and processGenerally speaking, supplier development includes: analysis of supply market competition, finding qualified suppliers, evaluation of potential suppliers, inquiry and quotation, negotiation of contract

Electronic Components Procurement Summary

Electronic Components Procurement SummaryThe premise of purchasing is to understand and be familiar with what you purchase, that is, to learn the relevant knowledge of electronic components. Then comes the needs assessment, determining the type and quanti

What are the basic components of a circuit board?

The semi-molten solder paste is placed on the circuit board by the steel mold, and then the SMD components are pasted on it, and it is welded on the circuit board by reflow welding

SMT patch technology in the application of electronic components packaging!

SMT patch process: 1, cleaning, 2, pre-welding: 3, patch: 4, welding: 5, detection: 6, assembly

Requirements for packaging, transportation and storage of electronic components in OEM industry

Check the buffering action of the suction nozzle fixture of the parts of the patch machine on time. If the buffering action is not smooth, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of lubricant. If the fixture is loose, tighten the moving lens to clean the

Why do photoelectric components on PCBS always fail?

PCB has become the most important and key part of electronic information products. Its quality and reliability level determine the quality and reliability of the whole equipment.

Common laws of failure of electronic components

That's all we have manufacturing capacity for, and when 5G starts in earnest, it will put pressure on those parts markets.

Six cooling methods for PCB electronic components

The size of electronic devices is also getting smaller, which requires that the heat dissipation device itself should have certain heat dissipation conditions, and the heat dissipation device itself should also have certain heat dissipation conditions.

Techniques for welding and disassembling electronic components from circuit boards

The lead inductance of patch resistors and capacitors is greatly reduced, which has great advantages in high frequency circuits. The disadvantage of surface mounted components is that they are not easily welded by hand.

Printed circuit boards in the field of electronic components

In the printing industry, photo platemaking is often used to produce pictures on paper. That is, by taking photos, the picture of the bottom plate, etched on the copper plate or zinc plate, with this copper plate or zinc plate, you can print a lot of pict

How do electronic components dissipate heat efficiently

The main heat dissipation methods of electronic components include natural heat dissipation or cooling, forced heat dissipation or cooling, liquid heat dissipation, cooling of heat dissipation or cooling, energy channeling in heat dissipation or cooling.

Failure and distribution of electronic components

Although the number of electronic components of printed circuit board is large, but its failure is regular to follow. Electronic components distribution order is to help customers professional, efficient, fast, high quality to solve the problem of multi-c

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