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Let's take a look at the relationship between pcb and integrated circuit
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Let's take a look at the relationship between pcb and integrated circuit

The integrated PCB circuit is welded on the PCB board. board is the carrier of integrated circuit.

Many people have heard of the English abbreviation "PCB". But what does it mean? In fact, it is very SIMple, that is, Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It appears in almost every electronIC device. If there are electronIC parts in a certain device, they are embedded in PCB of different sizes. In addition to fixing various SMAll parts, the main function of the PCB is to provide the electrical connection between the upper parts. As electronic equipment becomes more and more complex, more and more parts are needed, and the lines and parts on PCB become more and more intensive. The bare board (without parts on it) is also often calLED "Printed Wiring Board (PWB)". The base plate of the board itself is made of insulating and heat-insulating materials that are not easy to bend. The small material that can be seen on the surface is copper foil. Originally, the copper foil was covered on the whole board, but the middle part was etched away, and the left part beCAMe a mesh of small lines. These lines are called conductor patterns or wiring, and are used to provide circuit connections for PCB parts. Generally, the color of PCB is green or brown, which is the color of solder mask. It is an insulating protective layer, which can protect copper wires and prevent parts from being welded to incorrect places. A layer of silk screen is also printed on the solder mask. Usually, words and symbols (mostly white) will be printed on it to MARK the position of each part on the board. The screen printing surface is also called the icon surface.

pcb board


Integrated circuit

It is a kind of micro electronic device or component. Using a certain PCB process, the transistor, diode, resistor, capacitor, inductor and other components required in a circuit and their wiring are interconnected together, made on a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor chips or dielectric substrates, and then packaged in a tube shell to become a micro structure with the required circuit functions; All the components have formed a whole in structure. In this way, the volume of the whole circuit has been greatly reduced, and the number of lead wires and welding points has also been greatly reduced, thus making electronIC components move towards miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability.

The integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, few outgoing lines and PCB welding points, long service life, high reliability, good performance, low cost and convenient for large-scale production. It is not only widely used in industrial and civil electronic equipment such as radio recorders, televisions, computers, etc., but also widely used in military, communications, remote control, etc. The assembly density of electronic equipment assembled with integrated circuits can be tens to thousands of times higher than that of transistors, and the stable working time of equipment can also be greatly improved.

It is represented in the circuit by the letter "IC" (also with the character symbol "N", etc.).

PCI is the circuit board on which various PCB components are stuck! IC is an integrated PCB circuit. It is a component of many components and is also soldered on the circuit board. It is the flat component with the largest area!

What about their relationship? It is the relationship between the car and the road or the relationship between the computer and the electric wire

It's like the relationship between fish and water.

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