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What should we pay attention to when processing PCBA boards in mass production?
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What should we pay attention to when processing PCBA boards in mass production?

What should we pay attention to when processing PCBA boards in mass production?

Founded in 2007, Jingbang Electronics is a SMT processing factory with more than ten years of SMT processing experience. It has its own SMT processing factory, which can undertake the service of SMT chip processing in small and medium batches and in large batches. Here are some problems that the factory needs to pay attention to in mass processing?

SMT production and processing efficiency

When producing pcba boards in large quantities, the efficiency and quality of the factory are required to be very high. No matter whether they are high-precision products or ordinary electronic products, their production processes are the same. Customers will want to achieve the best quality and deliver products at the fastest speed. Especially when customers want to find a chip factory that meets their own requirements, they must carefully select and observe the efficiency of the factory, The efficiency here is not only to do fast, but also to do well in quality. If only to do fast but not to do well in quality, then the products produced are all defective products, which not only brings huge losses to customers but also ultimately affects the company's reputation. Don't lose what you gain.

Product cost control

PCBA is made up of a large number of components and parts. There are a lot of points for components and parts in mass production. The price can be negotiated with the factory after overall processing. The chip factory also likes such customers very much. If many customers do not understand, they can directly hand the whole board to the chip factory for production. For example, PCB light boards, component procurement, and chip production, assembly and testing can be directly handed over to the factory for one-stop service, This also saves effort.

pcb broad

The above efficiency and cost are two important factors for customers to choose production. A factory with high efficiency, high quality and cost advantages is ideal for customers. The following points can be considered when selecting suppliers:

1. The delivery date of the factory. Some factories feel that the customer's order quantity is small and they are unwilling to cooperate. They also give a long delivery date.

2. Go to the physical factory to observe and understand the production process and quality control of the whole factory. Essentially, this is an observation of the factory's production efficiency.

3. Check what inspection equipment and processes are available in the injection factory. The better the equipment and the more strict the inspection process, the better the products will be.

4. The inexperienced manufacturers should not do it. The patch industry seems simple, but it is actually very complex. Only the enterprises that have done it for a long time can be familiar with the concerns and quality requirements of the industry.

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