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What measures should be taken to solve the serious heating of PCBA board
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What measures should be taken to solve the serious heating of PCBA board

What measures should be taken to solve the serious heating of PCBA board

In integrated circuits, excessive temperature will have a negative impact on functions, components and circuit boards themselves. Next, I would like to introduce the causes of PCBA board heating?

Causes of PCBA board heating

1. Components are placed incorrectly

Some high-power equipment need to reserve natural ventilation or forced ventilation for heat dissipation. Without proper airflow for heat dissipation, PCBA will accumulate most of the heat, leading to temperature rise, which will lead to circuit performance degradation or damage. It should be noted that the sensitive element should not be placed near the element with high heat; With proper heat dissipation and natural or forced cooling, the temperature can be kept within a safe range.

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2. Environmental and external thermal factors

When PCBA is used in extreme temperature environment, if the temperature conditions of the target environment are not considered in the design, it may cause the electronic components to bear excessive pressure; In general, electronic component manufacturers provide specifications for specific temperature ranges.

3. Wrong part and material selection

Failure to follow the recommended guidelines during the selection of electronic component materials may cause heat dissipation problems. When selecting electronic components, it is important to view detailed data and consider all relevant information related to power consumption, thermal resistance, temperature limits, and cooling technology. In addition, fast power calculations are performed on the resistors to ensure that the power rating for the application is selected. Another problem is the selection of dielectric materials for PCBA. The printed circuit board itself must be able to withstand the worst thermal conditions.

4. PCBA design and manufacturing defects

Poor layout and manufacturing process will lead to PCBA heat dissipation problems. Improper welding may hinder heat dissipation, and insufficient wiring width or copper area may also cause temperature rise. To prevent heat dissipation, designers must reduce heat dissipation and use other heat dissipation technologies when natural heat dissipation is insufficient; For thermal optimization design, attention should be paid to component specifications, PCBA layout, PCBA dielectric materials and environmental conditions.

The circuit board manufacturer, circuit board designer and PCBA processing manufacturer will explain the cause analysis of serious PCBA board fever.

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