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PCB copy board helps you realize customized batch production
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PCB copy board helps you realize customized batch production

PCB copy board helps you realize customized batch production

The development speed of new technology is always beyond people's imagination. With the increasingly personalized needs of people, the challenges faced by enterprises are becoming more and more complex. Consumers began to be dissatisfied with the one-way product choices provided by enterprises, and the market began to enter an era of personalized customization to meet consumer needs. However, there is a natural contradiction between personalized customization and large-scale standardized production. Therefore, enterprises often have to choose between two strategies: either provide low-cost products or services through large-scale standardized production, or provide low-cost products or services through small-scale customized production. So, is there another option? Helper of mass customization - PCB copy.


The difference between mass customization and mass manufacturing

Mass Customization is the mass production of personalized products and services. The difference between mass production and traditional mass manufacturing is that mass production increases the customer's choice by adding product attributes, while mass customization is a combination of customization based on product sub modules. The component addition and module replacement in PCB board reading technology will be very suitable for mass customization, and can be quickly converted into or partially converted into mass production through module reorganization and process reorganization. Therefore, it can be said that PCB copy is a good helper to achieve mass customization.

PCB board standardization is the premise of customized production

As we all know, standardization and a set of very strict information system support are the prerequisites for achieving efficient mixed production of multiple varieties and even personalized customization in batches. In this respect, we can easily think of the simulation design of PCB copy. The reverse restore process of PCB copying can provide us with a complete set of technical production materials such as PCB files, BOM lists, schematic documents, etc. According to these data, we carried out PCB modification and secondary development, which can well control the consistency between customized PCB boards and the tooling of the original body, so that they can be processed by SMT on the same production line. In this way, we can not only generate a variety of differentiated cars to meet the needs of different users through the selection and matching of modules, but also greatly reduce the number of modules (no longer parts but modules).

Replacement of difficult components and modules for mass customization

In the face of personalized customization, small batch and multi variety orders, we are not helpless. In fact, some experts in the board copying industry have found and practiced effective solutions. Supporting services for PCB reading include replacement of difficult components and modules. In the long-term BOM production and analysis, Nordec has accumulated tens of thousands of detailed parameters and data of components, and can find various suitable components for replacement in the personalized customization, and ensure their substitutability. At the same time, Nordisk also provides a full set of solutions such as PCB modification, SI simulation analysis, component procurement, chip decryption and IC reverse design, which guarantees the whole R&D process, supply chain and production process.

Since we can't stop the advent of the era of personalized customization and small batch and multi variety, why don't we embrace it? Although PCB copying technology is considered as a low-end technology by most people, as the saying goes, "first-class companies do the standard, second tier companies do the technology, and third tier companies do the production." With large-scale standardized production, we may become a dark horse to conquer the whole industry.

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