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Change trend of PCBA incoming material processing mode
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Change trend of PCBA incoming material processing mode

Change trend of PCBA incoming material processing mode

PCB manufacturers and PCB designers explain the changing trend of PCBA incoming material processing mode

PCBA processing is to connect various electronic components on PCB board through surface mount (SMT), plug-in (DIP) and other electronic assemblies. PCBA process flow mainly includes SMT, AOI, DIP, FCT testing and other processes. Due to the size difference of electronic components, there will be different processes and requirements in assembly and insertion. The assembly density of PCBA is relatively high, and the small size and light weight of electronic products also have certain changes and requirements in mounting. The reliability, seismic resistance and excellent weldability of the products have high requirements for the hardware and software facilities of PCBA processing.


It is always difficult for electronic product R&D enterprises to choose between PCBA OEM and incoming material processing mode. Everything has two sides. However, due to the worldwide enterprises, the rough way of competition began to change to refinement. The enterprise began to focus on improving endogenous strength, concentrating all resources on one or two core advantages, so as to win the battle of "four or two thousand catties" in the market competition and win the battle of "more with less". The PCBA model can free enterprises from the electronic manufacturing process and avoid the investment in electronic material procurement, warehousing, outsourcing, logistics and personnel. Compared with the model of processing with supplied materials, this cost saving is actually far greater than the rise in the PCBA quotation to a certain extent.

In the world, the economy seems to be a sign of Waterloo, and China's economy is facing unprecedented pressure of transformation. The traditional electronic manufacturing enterprise's processing mode with supplied materials is difficult to sustain. With the increase of external competitive pressure and the weakening of SMT's processing profit, the enterprise is struggling, which will inevitably force the enterprise to change to the PCBA mode. However, this transformation is not easy. PCBA processing requires a long value chain management from circuit board manufacturing, raw material procurement, SMT, testing, logistics, etc. There must be a large management risk, which is not suitable for long-term processing enterprises. Generally, it requires years of manufacturing experience.

The transformation from processing with supplied materials to PCBA mode is not only the natural birth of customers and market environment, but also the trend driven by the endogenous power of traditional manufacturing enterprises. PCBA processing industry is bound to lean production and focus on service quality.

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