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PCB Design
What are the commonly used PCB design software?
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What are the commonly used PCB design software?

PCB circuit board design software, generally includes schematIC design and PCB design two modules; Now commonly used software AltiumProtel series, Altium designer 6.0, Mentor GraphICs PADS series, CADence OrCAD, P-CAD2006PCB design software.

AltiumProtel series

PROTEL is the EDA software launched by Altium company in the late 1980s. Early PROTEL is mainly used as an automatic wiring tool for printed boards. It runs in DOS environment and has very low requirements on hardware. Its printed board automatic wiring cloth pass rate is also low, and today's PROTEL has developed to DXP 2004, is a huge EDA software, fully instalLED more than 200 M, it works in the WINDOWS95 environment, is a complete board level full range of electronic design system, It includes circuit schematic drawing, analog circuit and digital circuit mixed signal SIMulation, multi-layer Printed Circuit Board Design (including automatic routing of printed circuit board), programmable logic device design, chart generation, spreadsheet generation, support macro operation and other functions, and has Client/Server architecture. At the same time, it is also compatible with some other design software file formats, such as ORCAD, PSPICE, EXCEL, etc., and its automatic routing of multi-layer printed circuit board can achieve 100% high density PCB routing rate. PROTEL software is easy to buy in China, and there are a lot of books about PROTEL software and usage instructions, which provides the basis for its popularity.

Altium Designer 6.0

Altium Designer 6.0 is an application, an integrated electronics development system from Protel developer Altium, running primarily on Windows. Through the perfect integration of schematic design, circuit simulation, PCB rendering and editing, automatic routing of topology logic, signal integrity analysis and design output technology, this software provides designers with a new design solution, so that designers can easily design, skilled use of this software will make the quality and efficiency of circuit design will be greatly improved.

PCB design

New features in Altium Designer 6.0 include differential pair, dynamic network allocation, BGA escape wiring, extract design fragments, Board InsightTM functionality, flip and edit board cards, True Type fonts, enhanced interactive wiring, import wizard to reduce project import complexity, and more.

Mentor Graphics PADS series

Mentor Graphics 2015 is a PCB design software, which is mainly developed for software/hardware solutions. With the rapid development of technology, the design tools for corresponding applications are constantly enhanced and optimized, so the accuracy of PCB design is getting higher and higher. Today, we recommend a program that can provide solutions quickly and efficiently. A new 3D design tool supports PADS process simulation, DRC detection of design rules, necessary comparison of layout and schematic diagram, and timely feedback of errors or inconsistencies to designers. In addition, Also supports ERC and LPE verification, convenient and fast.

Cadence OrCAD

It integrates circuit schematic drawing, printed circuit board design, digital circuit simulation, programmable logic device design and other functions, and its friendly and intuitive interface, its component library is also the richest of all EDA software, it has been the first choice in the world EDA software. ORCAD merged with CADENCE in July 2000 to become the world's most powerful developer of EDA software. Its product ORCAD Century Integration Edition works for WINDOWS95 and WINDOWSNT environments, integrating electrical schematics. Printed circuit board design, analog and digital circuit mixed simulation and other functions, its circuit simulation component library more than 8500, income of almost all general electronIC components module.


P-CAD 2006, board level design system for PCB design engineers. This release offers more than 50 new features and enhancements, technical updates for layout, automatic wiring, and interactive wiring, improved CAM file editing and circuit simulation, and many additional features to better control the entire PCB design process. Another important feature is Altium's CAMtastic 2006 CAM file editor, which is able to edit complete manufacturing file data before sending the boards off to manufacturing, and is able to provide enhanced SPICE 3f5 / XSpice mixed signal circuit simulation.

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