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Material characteristics of high frequency board
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Material characteristics of high frequency board

High frequency board boards have a band value of about 300MHz and can be divided into medium frequency and very high frequency based on wavelength. Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths equal to 1GHz are called microwaves. The substrate material of PCB determines the special function and performance of PCB. If the customer wants to customize the high-frequency board or RF board, it is mainly determined by its material properties. In manufacturing the high-frequency board board, materials with the following high-frequency characteristics must be used:


1. The value of dielectric constant must be small and stable.

2. For quality signal transmission, dielectric loss also has a small value. If the DK is small, the signal loss will be small.

3. In order to avoid signal loss due to skin effect and impedance control mismatch, the roughness on the copper foil must be smaller.

4. Substrate materials used for high frequency and high speed circuit boards have low arthroscopic.

5. Copper foil must have a high peeling strength value.

6. The substrate must have a constant size, good heat and chemical resistance. In addition, it has good impact strength and maneuverability.


How to select pcb factory?

When selecting pcb factory , it is also a matter that needs to spend a lot of energy, which needs to be seen one by one and compared one by one. These are things that need to be paid attention to, and they are very broad. At the beginning, when you have no clue, you can find relevant strategies on the website, and there are bound to be some things that can help you.


1. Look at the manufacturer's equipment

The quality of the product often depends on the quality of the tool. Quality is the top priority of the factory. PCB equipment must meet high quality standards, so that it will not be tested in the next process, otherwise it will be very bad to use it in relevant things after mass production.

2. Look at the material supply system

Novice purchase should pay attention to Kan ban factory raw materials, such as board, ink, copper ball, etc., which board is very important, different board determines the performance of the circuit board. Board is the main raw material of pcb, accounting for about 60% of pcb cost. So we must have a good look at the raw materials, otherwise it will cause a lot of problems, the weight of raw materials in a product accounts for a large part.

3. Look at the manufacturing process

Novice buyers can refer to the board factory's process, plate number and special process capabilities, such as copper thickness, wire width, aperture, impedance level, size, etc. The more complex the plate factory, the more reliable it is. So be sure to go in if you can and see if their production stands up to the test and if the whole process is OK.

4. Look at prices and delivery times

Novice buyers tend to be price sensitive, while older buyers consider many aspects, such as lead time and testing. pcb factory advantage is low price, quick effect, timeliness. In this aspect, it is also a big problem. The price should match the quality and the delivery time should be accurate, so as not to delay the next process.


Therefore, we can also analyze the desired pcb factory from one of the above perspectives. It is also very necessary to find a point that needs to be noticed when looking for a factory, which can also reduce many detours in the screening process to help everyone make a choice.


What are the characteristics of PCB circuit boards? What is the actual experience?

pcb circuit board is a very important electronic component, also known as printed circuit board, the use of electronic printing technology, now a lot of electronic equipment can not be separated from this circuit board, such as computers, electronic watches, and communication electronic equipment, basically, as long as it contains electronic components such as integrated circuit equipment, all need to use this printing technology. One of the advantages of this circuit board technology is to replace the complex wiring, so that the welding and assembly of electronic products become more simple, the following is to introduce its characteristics.


First, it can achieve high density

With the continuous development of electronic products, the requirements for circuit board technology are getting higher and higher. For example, the integrated density of circuit board is getting higher and higher. The traditional technology has been unable to meet the requirements.


Two, high reliability

Compared with other circuit boards, PCB circuit boards are much better in terms of reliability. They need to go through a series of checks during production, including performance tests, anti-aging tests and so on. Even if it is used for a long time, its overall life can be maintained at about 20 years.


Three, with Designability

Various performance requirements of PCB have good Designability, in the practical application field, can be completed according to the actual needs of the standardized design, and its overall design time is very short, do not need to consume a lot of time.


Four, standardized production

Through modern management mode, PCB circuit board can fully realize standardized production, including product specifications, as well as product production, and at the same time can be fully automated life, in terms of quality can reach a high standard.


Five, the late maintenance is simple

Because this circuit board can achieve standardized design and production, so its overall has formed a very perfect system, when a component failure in the middle of the use process can be very quickly replaced.


pcb circuit board has many unique technical characteristics, in addition to the above aspects, it also has the characteristics of Testability, as well as Assemblability, through this circuit board can better achieve the miniaturization and lightweight equipment.

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