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PCB Design
Design of new retail PCB intelligent control board
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Design of new retail PCB intelligent control board

Design of new retail PCB intelligent control board
The new PCB category management model and supply chain model will better meet the new consumer demand The traditional retail category management mode centered on PCB products and PCB brands can no longer adapt to and meet the changing consumer needs, let alone the environment of extremely rich products and fierce competition in the retail market
The retail industry needs to take the life of target consumers and the demand scenario of target consumers as the core to build a new organizational model of commodity supply chain and category management model based on the scenario.
What is the scene? PCB marketing experts analyze: The scene is time and space+min Time and space are time and place; Psychology is the psychological stimulation of demand expectation To occupy the scene is to occupy the mind
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The current retail commodity management mode and the commodity scene mode in stores can no longer effectively touch the hearts of consumers.
The new scenario based store product portfolio model centering on consumers' living needs will rapidly replace the current category portfolio model centering on store products. How to build a scene oriented store can have unlimited imagination.
Scene retail is a new concept and model, which will not form a unified standard. In order to create a scene retail model, it is necessary to give stores and employees more initiative, creativity and imagination.
Situational retail will be a very important core competitiveness of stores in the future.
Many offline and online retail enterprises will take the promotion of new retail reform as the main breakthrough direction of transformation and development.
Whether faced with serious traffic peak, decline in the number of tourists, decline in performance, store closure, bankruptcy, or seeking new models and new paths to better and faster develop the company, we must combine the current environmental changes and walk out of a new path of retail innovation, development and change.
In a sense, it is an important period for retail enterprises to follow the opportunity of transformation and development, as well as an important historical opportunity for all enterprises.
In the process of transformation from traditional retail to modern retail represented by hypermarkets and convenience stores, a large number of enterprises, such as Yonghui, RT Mart, BBK, and mass merchandisers, seized the opportunity and achieved a historic leap forward development.
In the process of transformation from modern retail to new retail, enterprises have brought new historical opportunities: consumption upgrading has brought historic new market opportunities; The Internet has created historic new development opportunities; New retail technology innovation has brought historic new challenges.
In the face of new opportunities, new opportunities and new challenges, enterprises must transform new retail, and must use new retail concepts, new retail models, and new retail PCB technology to achieve fundamental change, so as to promote enterprises to achieve new innovative leapfrog development.
Reform, in-depth reform, new retail is to seize historical opportunities. Ignoring the profound changes in the retail environment, if not, we will miss important historical opportunities.
Specifically, what needs to be changed in the new retail industry? What historical opportunities will it bring?
New retail needs sales to rebuild the company's PCB organizational model
Creating a more dynamic and innovative new retail enterprise organization will completely change the efficiency of enterprises
The organizational model of chain enterprises, represented by adapting to the industrialization era, can no longer fully meet the new requirements of enterprise development under the current Internet environment.
The traditional chain enterprise organization is characterized by closeness. This PCB organization emphasizes the characteristics of execution, while the rigid standardization and process management characteristics can no longer fully adapt to the current enterprise environment Enterprises need to break the previous PCB organization modeling and rebuild a new organizational model with more vitality and innovation and development capabilities

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