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SMT regularly maintains and controls quality check points
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SMT regularly maintains and controls quality check points

SMT regularly maintains and controls quality check points
Regular maintenance method of mounting machine
SMT mounter is a circuit assembly technology, which installs lead-free or short lead surface mount components on the surface of printed circuit boards or other substrates, and carries out welding and assembly through reflow soldering or dip soldering. SMT processing has low solder joint defect rate, high reliability and strong anti vibration ability. SMT chip processing is easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency, save data, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc., and reduce costs by 30% - 50%.
The price of SMT may be a little expensive. In addition to increasing productivity when using the placement machine, we also need to better control production costs. Among them, extending the service life of the machine is the way to control the production cost. First, how to prolong the service life of the mounter? Regular maintenance of SMT mounter can ensure its service life is extended. The regular maintenance steps of SMT mounter are as follows:
1. Take out the chip head;
2. Wait for the origin, then remove the discarded component box, turn off the "head servo", and then remove the nozzle;


3. Use the manual handle to rotate the head between positions 7 and 8;
4. Use a mirror to place it on the platform below the head. The reason for this is to find the screws;
5. Loosen the bottom screw with M5 trapezoidal hexagonal wrench, and then remove the head fixing block;
6. Push the slider of the membrane head upwards with a wrench with one hand, and take out the membrane head slowly with the other hand;
7. Press the trachea interface with pointed nose pliers, pull out the trachea, and remove the patch head; Note: It is difficult to take out the air tube of the patch head. For this type, be careful not to pull out the internal air pipe connector.
As long as the SMT mounter is regularly maintained according to the above methods, the service life of the machine can be extended. This is also one of the ways to improve productivity and effectively control production.
Chip processing requires strict quality control
This SMT component takes up less space, and a single comp nt can perform multiple tasks The advantages of SMT are obvious in design and manufacturing At present, most products are made by surface mount technology The supplier infrastructure and the number of skilled buyers improved significantly However, the SMT standard that best describes the SMT production method is that the product to be manufactured is very small. When the product can accommodate a large amount of memory, the final product needs to be fashionable and lightweight. The product must operate at high speed and high frequency. In addition, automation technology is widely used in patch production. The product must transmit little or no noise. The product can accommodate many complex integrated circuits, and has a large and high number of leads
In recent years, with the impact of the economic crisis and the impact of the global economy, many electronic manufacturing industries will be greatly impacted. In addition to the rising raw materials, the labor cost will also rise steadily. This electronic industry is facing great challenges. In the past, low labor cost was not an advantage. If electronic enterprises want to continue to develop, they must change the original development route and control costs, so that they can find a way to make great progress. Then you need to change the process. You can selectively consider the processing method of patch processing. Now many developed countries will choose this processing method, especially in the development of some energy-saving and lighting technologies, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.
Today's PCB products are developing towards high precision and miniaturization It is difficult to install perforated plug-in components used in the past In particular, large scale and high integration integrated circuits must use surface mount components to meet production requirements SMT wafer processing is a surface mounted component without leads or short leads, called SMC or SMD, or chip assembly in Chinese, which is installed on the surface of printed circuit boards or other substrates, and is used to solder and assemble circuits by reflow soldering or dip soldering
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