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Use method and environmental requirements of SMT wire mesh
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Use method and environmental requirements of SMT wire mesh

Use method and environmental requirements of SMT wire mesh
How to use wire mesh SMT patch
SMT wire mesh is an indispensable tool in SMT chip processing and reflow soldering. In addition to the use effect of wire mesh, users also care about the service life of wire mesh. Last time, Jingbang technology personnel also shared the production specifications and precautions of SMT wire mesh. Today, I will mainly organize and introduce the use and maintenance methods of SMT wire mesh, which can effectively extend the service life of wire mesh.
1. Handle carefully to avoid collision
Order to avoid damaging the SMT wire mesh inside. Please handle it with care Do not hit the steel mesh with hard objects or sharp knives
2. Keep SMT wire mesh clean
1. The wire mesh shall be cleaned (wiped) before use to remove the dirt carried in the transportation process and avoid affecting the use effect.
2. After use, the wire mesh shall also be cleaned in time, put back into the packing box, and placed vertically on the special shelf. It should be noted that the circuit boards should be isolated from each other (film can be pasted), and it is prohibited to overlap and contact each other.
3. The wire mesh to be cleaned shall not be placed randomly to avoid accidental damage.


Third, correct use of SMT wire mesh
1. Evenly stir the solder paste or red glue to avoid blocking the steel mesh.
2. Adjust the printing pressure to the best. The best pressure is that the scraper just scrapes off the solder paste (red glue) on the template.
3. After the stroke of the scraper is completed, if possible, it is better to stop for 2-3 seconds before demoulding, and the demoulding speed should not be too fast.
Fourth, control the use of SMT wire mesh
Generally speaking, SMT wire mesh can be used for 100000 times, and it is prohibited to use it for a long time. The steel wire mesh beyond its service life shall be scrapped, and effective methods shall be used for monitoring.
2. Environmental requirements during SMT chip processing
What are the environmental requirements for SMT chip processing? Many customers who come to visit the chip processing site will have such doubts
SMT wafer processing association is a high-precision equipment, which requires many external environmental conditions, such as cleanliness, humidity and temperature. In order to make the equipment work normally, reduce the equipment loss caused by environmental factors, and improve the product quality, the SMT chip processing location has the following requirements:
The following requirements:
1. Generally, single-phase AC220 (220 ± 10%, 0/60Hz) and three-phase AC380 (380 ± 10%, 50/60Hz) are required for power supply, and the power of the power supply should be greater than twice the power consumption.
2. The air source shall be equipped with air source pressure according to equipment requirements. Factory air source can be used, or oil-free compact air machine can be equipped. The normal pressure is greater than 7kg/cm2. It is necessary to clean the dry polluted air, and the compressed air must be stopped from oil removal, dust removal and water treatment. The air duct shall be made of stainless steel or pressure resistant plastic pipe.
3. Exhaust fans are required for exhaust reflow and wave soldering equipment. For full hot blast stove, the minimum flow rate of exhaust pipe is 500 cubic feet/min (14.15m3/min)
4. Temperature and Humidity The ambient temperature of the production workshop is 23 ± 3 ℃, the normal temperature is 1728 ℃, and the absolute humidity is 4570% RH. According to the scale of the workshop, set appropriate temperature and humidity meters, stop regular monitoring, and equip temperature and humidity adjustment equipment.
5. Anti static operators must wear anti-static clothing, shoes and anti-static wrist strap to enter the workshop The anti-static task area shall be equipped with anti-static air, anti-static seat cushion, anti-static packaging bag, turnover box, PCB rack, etc
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