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SMT drawer and SMT equipment maintenance strategy
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SMT drawer and SMT equipment maintenance strategy

SMT drawer and SMT equipment maintenance strategy
What is the drawer type of SMD smart access data terminal?
The smart access terminal includes a host cabinet mechanism, a central server for processing terminal data and information, and an auxiliary cabinet for storing elements. The main cabinet mechanism includes the main cabinet and the industrial control host set in the main cabinet, which is characterized in that the main cabinet mechanism also includes the operation display set on the main cabinet body for displaying operation information, and the auxiliary cabinet includes a plurality of storage chambers for storing parts, which are used to lock the lock body part of the storage chamber and the locking device for centrally placing the lock body part. The storage chamber is located on both sides or one side of the main cabinet body, and the lock body part is connected with the industrial control host, The storage room is controlled by the industrial host.
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Equipment parameters:
Access speed: 8~10s/cycle
Storage method: totally enclosed, temperature and humidity controlled
Networking function: it can be connected with various systems to realize data exchange
Automatic function: one-to-one storage organized by cargo hold
Electrostatic elimination: equipped with negative ion fan and anti-static cargo box
Data functions: online inventory, real-time statistics, data shortage warning, data analysis, report generation, recommended solutions
Networking function: it can be connected with various systems to realize data exchange and digital management
Main parameters
Software system: intelligent storage management system
Access speed: 8-12 seconds/cycle
Loading capacity: 25kg
Automatic function: one-to-one storage organized by cargo hold
Storage type: electronic bulk data, valuables, etc.
Purpose: intelligent management of bulk materials
Maintenance strategy of surface mount equipment
Like other equipment, SMT equipment may have problems during operation. In this case, attention shall be paid to the repair and maintenance of the equipment during its use. Equipment maintenance is very important for equipment suppliers and users.


Suppliers usually focus on the following aspects of diagnosis: surface mount equipment failure, and then replace the smallest accessories they can provide Users should pay attention to the timely maintenance of the equipment to ensure uninterrupted, and then purchase the smallest accessories The minimum parts provided by suppliers are usually very expensive, such as circuit control boards, motor drives, etc, From thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars Ordinary users will not spend a lot of money to order these expensive accessories However, once the parts are damaged, it usually takes a long time to buy from the supplier, ranging from two weeks to one month, which leads to the problem of thirst quenching at a long distance
This is not enough for SMT users to rely solely on suppliers. They will pay a high price. He should provide maintenance personnel for his equipment and encourage them to repair damaged parts themselves. For example, in the following table, it is mentioned that the servo motor controller has problems. The whole high-speed machine cannot move and the whole production line cannot produce. It takes at least two weeks to find the supplier immediately, and there is no inventory; After maintenance, personnel found that only the power output module (GTR) in the controller was damaged and GTR was available in the local market. In retrospect, it took only about one day to solve this problem, less than 100 dollars. The time benefit can be imagined.
The quality of equipment maintenance personnel is very important. They should have knowledge of electromechanical integration, automatic control and computer. SMT equipment is a highly automated control equipment. The technology used is more advanced in the world. In addition, the maintenance personnel can quickly accept new knowledge and technology.
Surface mount equipment maintenance personnel shall have at least the following tools: multimeter, oscilloscope, IC data or online access to relevant information Generally, do not expect the accompanying equipment to have circuit schematics, such as control boards and driver boards You can only draw some parts by your own analysis Analyze the control circuit to find out the circuit diagram of the problem

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