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Assembly and placement process of PCBA electronic equipment
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Assembly and placement process of PCBA electronic equipment

Assembly and placement process of PCBA electronic equipment
Basic requirements PCBA electronic equipment assembly
The assembly and connection technology of PCBA electronic equipment is called electronic assembly technology for short. It is a combination of various technologies to assemble electronic parts and components into a complete machine according to design requirements. It is the main production link for manufacturing electronic complete machine products according to design requirements.
Assembly refers to the use of fasteners, adhesives, etc. to connect the electronic parts of the product to the designated location as required, and assemble them into new parts until the final assembly of the product. The main connecting pipes include screw installation, riveting, bonding, crimping, winding and surface installation.
The basic requirements for installation are as follows:
l. The installed parts, components and the whole parts must be qualified and meet the process requirements. There shall be no scratches on the appearance and no damage to the coating.
2. During installation, the lead direction and polarity of electronic components and mechanical mounting parts shall be correct and shall not be skewed, and the packaging shells of electronic components shall not contact each other.


3. The electronic components installed mechanically shall be fixed before welding, and shall not be adjusted and installed after welding.
4. When installing various packages, do not open them unless there are special requirements.
5. Mechanical moving parts during installation must move smoothly and freely without blocking.
6. During installation, the foreign matters in the machine shall be cleaned to prevent short circuit fault.
7. The places where lubricant, fastener and adhesive shall be applied during installation shall be in place, uniform and appropriate.
8. When the insulated conductor passes through the metal frame hole, there shall be no tip burrs to prevent tip discharge.
9. When installing the ground wire weldment with fasteners, the paint layer and oxide layer at the installation position shall be removed to ensure good contact.
Four major installation processes of PCBA
With the development of PCBA module electronic products toward miniaturization and high assembly density, electronic assembly technology is also dominated by surface mount technology Hower, there are still a certain number of through-hole components in some PCB circuit boards This assembly of both plug-in components and surface mount components is called hybrid assembly, or hybrid assembly for short. components using all surface mount components are called full surface mount
The PCBA assembly method and its process flow mainly depend on the type of assembly components and assembly conditions. It can be roughly divided into four types: single-sided installation technology, single-sided mixed installation technology, double-sided installation technology and double-sided mixed installation technology.
1. Single side installation process
Single side installation refers to the assembly where all components are installed on one side of PCB. The main process of single side installation process: printing solder paste - patch - reflow soldering - cleaning - inspection - rework.
2. One side mixing process
Single side hybrid assembly means that the components are not only installed components, but also plug-in components, and the components are assembled on one side of the PCB. The main process of single side mixed assembly process: printing solder paste patch reflow plug-in wave soldering cleaning test rework.
3. Double side installation process
Double sided installation refers to the components with all components installed on both sides of PCB. The main process flow of double-sided installation process: A-side printing solder paste - repair welding - reflow welding - solder piece - pin bending - turnover plate - B-side spot bonding - repair welding - curing - turnover plate - wave soldering - cleaning - inspection and rework.
4. Double-sided mixed packaging process
Double sided mixing refers to the assembly of components not only mounting components but also inserting components. The main process of double-sided mixed assembly process: A-side printing solder paste - patch - reflow soldering - parts - pin bending - flipping - B surface glue - repair - curing - flipping - wave soldering - cleaning - inspection and rework

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