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PCB Assembly Service
Smart Home Air Conditioning Control System PCB Assembly
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Smart Home Air Conditioning Control System PCB Assembly

The smart home air conditioning control system is a system that is suitable for adjusting the intelligent control system, which is a central form. The air-conditioning intelligent control system is a system composed of a system control center, a data transfer processor, an air-conditioning intelligent terminal and a display platform. The air-conditioning control system PCB generally uses high-frequency PCB and rigid PCB.

  1. High frequency PCB

(1) Since the PCB of the air-conditioning control system operates at a higher temperature, the materials of dielectric and conductive materials should be selected when selecting the PCB. Since the high-frequency PCB has good thermal conductivity, it means that we can operate at a very high temperature. They are used at high operating temperatures and they do not fail, and most importantly they are not affected by localized heating phenomena, as the heat is evenly distributed in the high temperature PCB.

(2) The high frequency PCB has a special laminate, this special laminate can better handle the high heat transfer through the PCB board, the biggest benefit of using the high frequency PCB is that the air conditioning system will reduce noise, so the high frequency PCB is Great for air conditioning systems.

2. Rigid PCB

Advanced electrical appliances such as air conditioners involve high-end machinery, basically HVAC systems, so the components in the air conditioning system will be subject to great thermal stress. If we use ordinary PCBs, we cannot play the role of the air conditioning system, and in severe cases, the entire system will collapse. , the air conditioning system involves heating and cooling cycles, so ordinary PCBs will face frequent thermal expansion and contraction.

We will choose rigid PCB, which has strong stability and is not easily deformed by thermal stress, therefore, rigid PCB has a longer service life and can work well even at high temperatures. That's why it's perfect for use in air conditioning systems.


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