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​How to use tools to manage PCB design and testing
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​How to use tools to manage PCB design and testing

How to use tools to manage PCB design and testing
The appearance of various X-ray and optical technologies in the interior function electrical test inspection in the interior g-1 shortens the time to market and reduces the test cost, while ma in the interior teaching assistant in the interior g thorough fault coverage Each technology has its own advantages:
Optical inspection can verify part number and part orientation.
X-ray inspection can determine the sufficiency of solder joints.
Online testing can measure components separately.
Boundary scan testing can evaluate components and interconnects.
Function test can test faults that may escape other stages, and ensure that the circuit board works normally.
However, it would be a costly mistake to put all these methods in the inside of a PCB Expensive capital equipment will duplicate each other's efforts The X-ray system and the boundary scan tester are used for the same solder ball problem Not only will you abuse your equipment, but you will also unnecessarily extend the testing time
A rule of thumb can guide you to use the inspection and power test system most effectively: deploy equipment early in the manufacturing process to capture each type of fault. For example, do not wait for the online testing stage to determine whether the polarity of the diode is correct; The optical detection system can check the PCB before reflow soldering. You can save the cost of welding poor circuit boards and make them pass the subsequent optical and X-ray inspection stages; In addition, the rework does not require skilled technicians to remove the parts with welding errors.
Unfortunately, on a complex circuit board with thousands of nodes and components, you may not be able to see the trees in the forest. A reasonable way to test the direction of the diode may be affected by many other components, and each component will conduct testability analysis with its own common sense solution. If you need help, you can use the testability analysis suite software, which can help you understand the large-scale deployment common sense required by today's complex products. A study found that such tools could save $1 million and shorten 3 weeks after listing.
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Of course, these tools need to describe PCB test designs that you can understand This usually comes from the file PCB design automation program placed in it, which echoes from Allegro to Zuken CFF The testing company adopts these different formats, but at the cost of translation, you, as a PCB tester customer, will ultimately assume responsibility The effort is to provide a standard format for file conversion in G
One of these standards is reflected in the XML schema used in the format version 2.0. According to the statement issued by the organization, The goal is "a single file that can comprehensively describe printed circuit boards, printed circuit board components, assembly arrays, multiple components on subpanels, circuit board manufacturing panels, quality assessment coupons, and assembly/test equipment." The GenCAM standard (initiated by GenRad and now part of Teradyne) will facilitate two-way data transfer between "design workshops, bare board manufacturers, assembly plants, and test fixture companies.", To maintain information synchronization and ensure the quality of the final product.
Proprietary tool evaluation test
Despite the benefits of standards, standards based products often lag behind proprietary tools in terms of efficiency and functionality. Tools based on standards such as GenCAM have not yet implemented the functions of proprietary test and evaluation tools, including Agilent Technologies' AwareTest and Teradyne's D2B (design by build) software series, both of which are designed to distribute various test and inspection test functions. Then, it transmits 5DX program information to 3070 and performs necessary online tests to provide comprehensive but non redundant test coverage. OmniNET forms the basis for dialogue between design and test engineers to help them collaborate in developing functional, testable PCBs.
How do I know if this is the best solution for PCB testing chores? Agilent proposed a simple calculation:
Complexity index
C=number of components,
J=number of solder joints,
S=1 (double-sided PCB), 0.5 (single-sided PCB)
High mixture M=1, low mixture component 0.5,
D=0.01 times the number of joints per square inch.
For high complexity index (above 125), Agilent suggests combining X-ray inspection with online inspection; For medium index (between 50 and 125), combine X-ray or optical inspection with online test; For low refractive index (less than 50), only optical inspection or online testing is used.
Teradyne's assembly testing department expanded its D2B software to support its Optima Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) platform, complementing the D2B suite's support for automatic X-ray inspection and online testing.
D2B software includes tools and open architecture based on Windows, allowing you to operate the integrated test and inspection platform with minimal data. The D2B software module includes the following components:
GR Force/A3 allows you to obtain data from more than 30 CAD design formats and generate programs for various test and inspection equipment. It supports design test analysis early in the design cycle before the cost of change is too high.
GR Force/Strategy analyzes ea PCB design in China, analog production is included in the internal e-configuration, and Detem is included in the optimal programming strategy
GR Force DesignView allows you to import board schematic information in label HPGL format. Whenever a component or signal is selected, its graphical viewer can update both the schematic and physical information at the same time, making it easy to browse complex design data.

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