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How to select PCB manufacturers when PCB printing
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How to select PCB manufacturers when PCB printing

How to select PCB manufacturers when PCB printing
With the arrival of the 21st century, we have entered the era of electronIC information. The continuous development of the electronic product MARKet has LED to the rapid development of the circuit board industry. With this, more and more people have joined the circuit board industry, and the competition between industries has become greater and greater. In this way, large and SMAll manufacturers with different sizes have been formed. As a result of this situation, there are many circuit board manufacturers that are hard to find now. Here is a small compilation of Shenzhen Honglian Circuit board manufacturers to share how to select a circuit board manufacturer!
1. From the perspective of products:
PCB manufacturers can provide product samples free of charge, and then customers can ask PCB manufacturers to visit the factory or obtain the company's samples, check the company's samples, or find people who understand the PCB, and then they can preliminarily judge how the company's products and technology are?

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2. Analysis from the perspective of company reputation
The company's reputation is shown in many aspects. In addition to some of the company's necessary qualifications -- the company's business license, whether the company's qualifications are complete, and the details of the company's attitude towards customers, whether all the commitments to customers can be fulfilled one by one, such as the promise that customers can complete the production of products within one week, but it will cause huge losses to customers if they delay their time until two weeks, At this time, we will reconsider the company's reputation.
3. Analysis from the perspective of company services
Product services include pre-sales and after-sales services. The quality of pre-sales services does not represent the quality of PCB manufacturers' services.
Now many enterprises do a good job in pre-sales service, and their service attitude to customers before selling products is excellent. However, once they have fully paid for the products, they completely change. In case of product problems, they put the responsibility on the employees. Only by always putting customers in the first place can we achieve the current level.
Customers and services are believed to be the slogans of many companies.
4. Analysis from the perspective of customer feedback
The voice of customers who have cooperated with us before can better reflect the strength of the circuit board manufacturer, the after-sale products, pre-sales services, etc. When looking for a circuit board manufacturer, we must first search for some information about the company on the Internet. If the circuit board manufacturer is really deceiving, then it will definitely be exposed.
5. Analysis from the perspective of partners
How do you know the partners of circuit board manufacturers? It is difficult to understand offline. We can view this information on the circuit board manufacturers. Now most enterprises will show some successful cases to show their strength. At this time, we can learn more about this enterprise by understanding the customers they have worked with before.
The above points are just some of the views on how to select a circuit board manufacturer. Better selection factors should be combined with the specific situation of your company to select a circuit board manufacturer that is suitable for you. Only when the service quality and product quality can meet the needs of users, such a manufacturer is our choice.
The above is the explanation given by the editor of pcb circuit board company. If you want to know more about PCBA, you can go to our company's home page to learn about it. In addition, our company also sells various circuit boards,
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