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PCB manufacturer will guide you to analyze the exposure speed of LDI machine

PCB manufacturer will guide you to analyze the exposure speed of LDI machine
In the production process of PCB manufacturers, there is a process calLED "exposure". Generally, PCB manufacturers use CCD sEMI-automatIC exposure machine. In addition to CCD, king ford Circuit also introduces LDI direct imaging exposure machine. Compared with the traditional CCD semi-automatic exposure machine, LDI has many advantages, such as: no film is required for direct imaging, which reduces the film production cost and shortens the sample delivery time; The error of film production and alignment is reduced, and the line exposure is improved. In addition to the above advantages, the exposure speed of LDI is slower than that of CCD, so it is more suitable for making samples. The following PCB manufacturer will analyze the reasons for the slow exposure speed of LDI machine.
The bottleneck factors of LDI exposure speed include: data storage and transmission, laser energy, switching speed, multilateral production speed, photosensitivity of photoresist, laser head moving speed, circuit board transmission mode, etc.

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Among PCB manufacturers, in terms of basic influencing factors, there are three independent factors that affect the exposure rate:
1. Energy density 2. Speed of data modulation 3. Speed of mechanical mechanism
The photoresist must have a certain amount of energy sent to the surface to generate appropriate exposure, while the high sensitivity photoresist requires relatively low energy. Because the total energy is equal to the power times the time, the exposure time required for a highly sensitive film under the same power is relatively short. The function output of the exposure system mainly comes from the light source design of the system, so the relationship between energy and time is independent of resolution.
In other words, the switching speed of laser modulation determines the number of light points that can be drawn per second. The demand for resolution will certainly affect the production speed. When the resolution is doubled, the light spot to be made will be quadrupled. Therefore, the resolution will have a geometric magnification relationship with the modulation load of SIMilar exposure equipment.
The speed of platform movement will be the third influencing factor, especially the mechanism of acceleration and deceleration. When the circuit board has to move to a new scanning area, the time required for its movement will directly affect the production speed. This concept is similar to the concept of laser drilling machine.
Although the LDI exposure machine is slow, it can not make high-precision circuits without it. At the same time, it can shorten the time of film production and reduce the cost of film production for PCB samples. Many customers will ask why LDI exposure is not used in batches? The above LDI speed analysis solves this problem.
The above is the explanation given by the editor of pcb circuit board company. If you want to know more about PCBA, you can go to our company's home page to learn about it. In addition, our company also sells various circuit boards,
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