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The 6 key technologies and 5 development trends of LED mounter
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The 6 key technologies and 5 development trends of LED mounter

At present, the environmental protection and energy saving, cost-effective characteristics of LED lighting products have been accepted by the market, while governments have introduced relevant policies to phase out incandescent lamps, promote the application of LED in indoor lighting, LED light industry will also become a synonym for solving energy and environmental problems, LED lighting market rapid development. Such rapid development inevitably involves the rapid development of LED placement machines and LED production equipment.


First, SMT and placement machine

Surface mount technology (SMT) can also be called surface assembly technology, surface mount technology and patch welding technology. It is a board-level electronic assembly technology that mounts surface-assembled components (SMDS) onto printed circuit boards (PCBS). At present, advanced electronic products, especially in computer and communication electronic products, have been widely used surface mount technology. Figure 1 shows the printed board manufactured by SMT.

1.1 Advantages of SMT

SMT was born with the development of the electronics industry, and developed with the development of electronic technology, information technology, and computer application technology. The rapid popularity of SMT is due to its following advantages.

1) High component assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products.

2) Easy to achieve automation, improve production efficiency.

3) High reliability. The automated production technology ensures the reliable connection of each solder joint, and because the surface assembly component (SMD) is leadless or short lead, and is firmly attached to the PCB surface, it has high reliability and strong earthquake resistance.

4) Good high-frequency characteristics. Surface assembly components (SMD) without pins or segment pins, not only reduces the impact of distribution characteristics, but also firmly solder on the PCB surface, greatly reducing parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance between leads, so electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference are greatly reduced, and high frequency characteristics are improved.

5) Reduce costs. SMT increases the PCB layout density, reduces the number of holes, decreases the area, and reduces the number of PCB layers with the same function, which reduces the manufacturing cost of PCB. Lead-free or short-lead SMC /SMD saves lead materials, omits wire cutting and bending processes, and reduces equipment and labor costs. The improvement of frequency characteristics reduces the cost of RF debugging. The size of electronic products is reduced, the weight is reduced, and the cost of the whole machine is reduced. Good welding reliability reduces repair costs.

1.2 Basic SMT process flow

1) To form the SMT production line, there must be three important equipment: Printing machine dispensing machine, SMT machine, reflow furnace wave welding machine, of which the wave welding process, with the development of surface mount technology, especially the bottom lead integrated circuit package BGA QFN a large number of applications, its role is more and more insufficient, so the current mainstream or reflow welding this process.

2) Whether it is for large machine manufacturers or medium-sized machine manufacturers, the classic can recommend that the SMT production line is generally composed of 2 mounter units, 1 high-speed mounter (chip component mounter) 1 high-precision mounter (IC component mounter), so that each performs its duties. It is conducive to the highest production efficiency of the entire SMT production line. But now the situation is changing, and many SMT machine manufacturers have launched multi-function SMT machines, making it possible for SMT production lines to consist of only one SMT machine. One multifunctional SMT machine can complete the mounting of all components under the condition of maintaining a high placement speed, reducing investment, and is favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and the Academy of Sciences.

1.3 The simplest mounter model

The most basic SMT machine consists of a frame, a circuit board holding mechanism, a feeder (not drawn in the figure), a sticker head, a suction nozzle, and the X, Y, and Z axes, of which the Z axis can be rotated in the direction of θ in addition to the Z movement (in order to adjust the rotation Angle of the components away from the pad).

1.4 LED placement machine

Generally speaking, LED mounter belongs to one of the surface mount technology (SMT) mounter, with the development of LED technology, the traditional SMT mounter can no longer meet the production needs of the LED industry, at this time LED mounter came into being.

LED mounter is specially designed for the LED industry custom SMT mounting equipment, used to achieve a large number of LED circuit board assembly. Equipment requirements are not high accuracy, but they require fast speed. LED special placement machine reduces the cost of placement equipment and improves production efficiency. At present, there are many types of LED placement machines, but whether it is a fully automatic high-speed placement machine or a manual low-speed placement machine, their overall layout is similar.

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