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Strengthen the automation performance of LED placement machine
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Strengthen the automation performance of LED placement machine

The development and improvement of today's information science and technology has greatly promoted the level of automation, from the original automatic control, automatic adjustment, automatic compensation, automatic discrimination, etc., to self-learning, self-organization, self-maintenance, self-repair and other higher levels of automation become possible. At the same time, the efficiency of software programming is also crucial to improve the efficiency of the equipment, the development of a more powerful software function system, reduce the manual programming time, can greatly shorten the ineffective working time, improve production efficiency.


3.2.2 Improve equipment structure and working mode

When the mounting machine gradually reaches the bottleneck in improving the mounting speed, improving the structure of the LED mounting machine equipment is a good improvement idea. For example, on the basis of retaining the performance of the traditional single-channel LED placement machine, the PCB conveying, positioning, detection, and placement are designed into a two-way structure. This dual structure can work in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. The synchronous mode is to send two PCBS of the same size into the mounting area synchronously by the double track for mounting, and the asynchronous mode is to send PCBS of different sizes to the mounting area respectively. These two working methods can improve the production efficiency of the machine. Then, the multi-cantilever and multi-mounting head structure of the mounting machine are all effective methods.

LED placement machine towards flexible and modular structure development

The development of The Times has promoted people's living standards and cognition, and personalized demand is an important strategic means for the future market. The opening of the first year of e-commerce gives us more inspiration that the traditional physical store business model is more to the direction of product experience store development and transformation. In order to meet the individual needs of the market in the future, the manufacturing of electronic products will face such challenges as diverse varieties, fewer batches, shorter cycles, etc., and the effective way to adapt to this trend is the flexibility of mounting equipment.

For example, the host of the LED placement machine is made into standard equipment, and is equipped with a unified stand platform and a common user interface, and the various functions of the dispensing patch are made into a functional module group. Module groups have different functions, according to the mounting requirements of different components, can be mounted according to different accuracy and speed, in order to achieve higher efficiency; When the user has new requirements, new functional modules can be added as needed.

The flexibility of the LED mounter is the flexibility of mounting in actual production, which includes being able to adapt to different PCBA products, being able to take into account mounting accuracy and speed, being able to quickly carry out production conversion, and being able to upgrade. Flexibility is a program that can maximize the use of existing resources to create the best economic benefits, so flexibility is a kind of conceptual, dynamic, relative description of equipment characteristics.

LED placement machine is developing in the direction of intelligence

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the explosive growth of mobile intelligent terminals and the youth of consumer groups, intelligence is the inevitable development of the electronics industry, especially the home appliance industry, the concept of intelligence has been very frequent in our lives, product intelligence is the most promising future market. Similarly, in the manufacturing industry, the intelligence of manufacturing equipment is the most promising development of manufacturing technology.

Intelligent LED mounter has the following characteristics: man-machine integration, self-learning, self-organization, self-maintenance, self-repair, super flexibility, extremely improve the level of mental labor automation, reduce errors in the production process, so as to improve efficiency and productivity. The future LED mounter is based on computer intelligence technology so that he has more advanced human-like thinking ability, the whole process of mounting analysis, judgment, reasoning, thinking and decision-making, and can efficiently and quickly provide the most suitable flexible solution by collecting, storing, sharing and inheriting the intelligence of human experts. The precision and intelligence of LED mounter is bound to have a huge impact on the future production and technology of LED.

LED chip machine is developing in the direction of green

In recent years, the concept of green and environmental protection has a new connotation, the so-called environmental protection is broad, including not only the protection of the natural environment, but also to protect the social environment and production environment, but also to protect the physical and mental environment of producers. The development of human society will certainly move towards the harmony between man and man, man and machine, man and society, man and nature, the future LED chip machine from design to recycling and remanufacturing the entire stage, must consider the impact on the environment, at the beginning of the design fully take into account to maximize the utilization of materials, so that the user's investment benefits to maximize.

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