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PCB copy board to build telecom equipment localization security alliance
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PCB copy board to build telecom equipment localization security alliance

After the Prism scandal was exposed, the National Development and Reform Commission announced on August 22 that it would organize special national information security projects in the fields of finance, cloud computing and big data, and information system security management. These frequent security incidents not only open the door of opportunity for domestic information security manufacturers, but also provide development space for PCB copy boardand localization replacement of telecommunications equipment.

At present, many of China's core equipment, such as Internet-related facilities, finance and telecommunications, as well as storage and switching equipment, are imported from abroad. Major products, such as routers, operating systems and servers, all have security loopholes, backdoors or hidden channels. If malicious personnel or intelligence agencies use these vulnerabilities and "back doors" to steal relevant sensitive information, peep personal privacy, control a large number of computers, or use other people's computers as a "springboard" to steal and destroy secrets, these malicious behaviors not only pose a huge threat to the network and system, but also affect the political, diplomatic, military, cultural and other fields. It may even seriously threaten the security of cyberspace of the whole country.


In fact, many foreign products have "vulnerabilities" and "back door", a company produced programmable logic controller (PLC) products and foreign imports of USBkey products, IC card products have very serious vulnerabilities, some have been detected pre-set "back door" procedures, these latent security vulnerabilities, the back door is very harmful. PCB copying board is PCB copying board, PCB cloning or reverse design, but it is not a simple clone, but also to check the leak to make up for the lack of the original electronic products upgrade, can extract and master the electronic products PCB file, BOM list, schematic diagram and other full set of technical data. In the field of reverse research, an important key work of PCB copying board is to find loopholes, plug loopholes, reduce the vulnerability of important national and enterprise information systems.

In PCB copying industry, Hongyunlai Company relies on Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and high-tech industrial cluster, makes long-term strategic planning, actively explores more high-end technology fields, strengthens positive and negative research and development, and opens up a road of PCB copying and upgrading of imported equipment. In addition, Hongyunlai can also find out some defects and deficiencies in PCB design and wiring of original products, test all states of PCB board circuit signals by using advanced experimental equipment, make up for loopholes, try our best to meet customers' requirements for PCB board modification, and explore the road to localization of PCB board copying.

PCB copy board to build domestic industrial alliance

Of course, domestic substitution is not purely a matter of national strategy, but also requires the joint efforts of large and small enterprises in the whole industry. It is understood that the problem of high cost and low service response brought by the banking monopoly by IBM and Oracle has been troubling industry users. In 2011, the average selling price of console systems in China was 2.4 times higher than in the United States, according to CCID. Not only the purchase price is high, and the follow-up service charges, supporting software is a staggering cost. Therefore, to achieve a large number of substitution is not overnight, it needs the progress of the whole information industry chain, including small and medium-sized enterprises. And small and medium-sized enterprises often face the technical shortcomings, industrial chain is not perfect and other problems, these can be solved with the help of PCB copy board one-stop.

High frequency board PCB design practical skills summary

PCBS are designed to be smaller, faster and less costly. Since the interconnect point is the weakest link in the circuit chain, the electromagnetic property of the interconnect point is the main problem in the engineering design in RF design. It is necessary to investigate each interconnect point and solve the existing problems. Circuit board system interconnection includes chip to circuit board, PCB board interconnection and signal input/output between PCB and external devices. This paper mainly introduces the PCB board interconnect for high frequency PCB design practical skills summary, I believe that through understanding this paper will bring convenience to the future PCB design.


High frequency board PCB design practical skills summary

In PCB design, the interconnection between chip and PCB is important for design. However, the main problem of the interconnection between chip and PCB is that the high interconnection density will lead to the basic structure of PCB material becoming a factor limiting the increase of interconnection density. This article shares practical tips for high frequency PCB design.

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