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Why do many customers choose PCBA one-stop service?
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Why do many customers choose PCBA one-stop service?

Why do many customers choose PCBA one-stop service?
Not long ago, we have contacted many customers to ask if they can provide PCBA one-stop service If you can do it, if you can't, we can ask other suppliers again For many printed circuit boards, we purchased these products and components separately before we found SMT chip processing suppliers Now I also want to find a one-stop service that can complete the entire PCBA Not long ago, I have found out the reasons for these customer changes Today, kingfordshares this opportunity with you:
First of all, the sales pipeline of spare parts is networked, and the price tends to be transparent.
At present, the entire component sales network actually has. Any model on the data network can find information about how much it costs, which manufacturer produces it, and whether it has inventory. The whole process is actually very simple If the company buys its own products, then someone needs to understand and ask the component supplier if they are genuine and when they can ship However, the final delivery price may be close to the supplier's delivery price The end result is that you spend more money doing the same thing I believe every employer feels the same
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Secondly, labor costs are rising, and reducing costs should deal with uncertainty.
In the face of the instability of the current situation, we can really feel that there is no increase in orders, corresponding to a decrease The order has not increased, and the labor cost will certainly not decrease now, so the order has decreased. If I can do a good job within the acceptable cost range, there is no need to spend more labor costs The whole budget can be considered for the whole PCBA one-stop service, with controllable price and no other costs Reduce uncertainty
Finally: delegate professional work to a more professional team.
I'm sure you won't object if you entrust the professional work to a more professional team. Compared with general solution companies, since there is no specific production process at the back end, it is impossible to know too much about the current price trend of PCB, components and SMT chip technology. But PCBA manufacturers are crossing these back-end processes every day. What kind of board is used in what industry, and what kind of solder paste is used in what solder joints. The engineers at the PCB processing plant are all at your fingertips. The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have a large number of customers and have a great demand for parts procurement. Correspondingly, the more contacts with terminal channel providers, the more goods will be obtained, the lower the price will be, and the quality will be guaranteed. After all, the end channel provider does not want to lose a large customer. If you buy from one company, you may not be able to meet the starting quota of other companies.
So I think these three points are the reasons why more and more customers choose PCBA one-stop service providers

The above is the explanation given by the editor of pcb circuit board company.
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