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Electrostatic protection of PCBA components
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Electrostatic protection of PCBA components

Electrostatic protection of PCBA components
Employees who assemble electronic products in the factory manage the PCB assembly process to prevent electrostatic damage and improve the quality of electronic products IPCber, Shenzhen PCB assembly technology engineer, will introduce the following anti-static requirements for you
Electrostatic protection
1. Electrostatic safety workbench in PCB assembly workshop: composed of workbench, anti-static workbench pad, wrist strap connector and ground wire.
2. More than two wrist strap connectors shall be installed on the anti-static table of PCB assembly workshop, one for PCB assembly technology operators and one for PCB assembly technology personnel or PCB assembly inspectors.
3. Plastic boxes, rubber, cardboard, glass and other impurities that are easy to generate static electricity shall not be stacked on the anti-static safety workbench. Drawings and data shall be put in anti-static archive bag.
4. PCB assembly workshop anti-static wrist strap. Operators who directly contact with electrostatic sensitive parts must wear anti-static wrist strap, which shall be in good contact with human skin.
5. The anti-static containers in the PCB assembly process workshop, the part fixing bags on the PCBA processing and production site, the turnover box and the PCB board mounting and unloading rack shall have anti-static functions. It is prohibited to use metal and ordinary containers, and all containers must be grounded.
6. Anti static clothing for PCB assembly process workshop. Operators entering the electrostatic work area and personnel contacting SMD parts must wear anti-static clothing, especially in a dry environment with relative humidity lower than 50% (such as autumn and winter). All anti-static clothing fabrics in PCB assembly workshop must comply with relevant national standards.


7. All personnel entering the working area of PCB assembly process workshop of PCB assembly board manufacturer must wear anti-static work shoes and anti-static caps. People wearing ordinary shoes should use conductive shoelaces, anti-static shoelaces or heel laces.
8. The transmission belt and transmission shaft used on the production line of PCB assembly process workshop shall be equipped with anti-static grounding brush and grounding rod.
9. Ionic wind electrostatic eliminator can be used on the surface of conveyor belt.
10. The assembly fixtures, test fixtures, welding tools and various instruments used on the PCB processing site in the PCB assembly workshop shall be equipped with good grounding wires.
11. An anti-static test bench is installed at the entrance of the PCB processing site in the PCB assembly workshop. Everyone who enters the PCB production site should accept the anti-static test and must pass the test before entering the PCB assembly technology workshop.
These are the basic anti-static equipment managed by PCBA processing and assembly electronics factory. After several years of development, many PCB assembly workshops have added several sets on this basis.
12. The PCB assembly process workshop of the PCB assembly board manufacturer needs to install real-time monitoring equipment to monitor the occurrence of static electricity on the human body, equipment and pads at any time, so as to find problems and solve them at the first time.
13. Install anti-static monitoring system PCB assembly technology to visualize and analyze the workshop where static electricity occurs, so as to manage the PCB assembly technology workshop for electrostatic protection in PCBA processing

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