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Look at pcb price estimation factors and algorithms
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Look at pcb price estimation factors and algorithms

Do you know that the price of PCB has always been a puzzle for many buyers? Many people also question how these prices are calculated when placing orders online. Let's talk about the composition factors of the price.


1、 Various factors affecting the price of a PCB

1. The diversity of prices caused by different materials used in PCB

For example, for ordinary double-sided panels, the panel materials generally include FR4 (Shengyi, Jiantao and Guoji, with three prices from top to bottom), the panel thickness varies from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, and the copper thickness varies from 0.5oz to 3oz, all of which cause huge price differences in the panel materials; In terms of solder resist ink, there is a certain price difference between common thermosetting oil and photosensitive green oil.

2. Different PCB surface treatment results in price diversity

pcb board

Common processes include OSP (oxidation resistance), lead tin spraying, lead-free tin spraying (environmental protection), gold plating, gold deposition and some combination processes. The prices of the above processes will become more expensive in the future.

3. Price diversity caused by different difficulties of PCB

There are 1000 holes on both kinds of circuit boards. If the hole diameter of one board is larger than 0.2mm and the hole diameter of the other board is smaller than 0.2mm, the drilling cost will be different; If the other two types of circuit boards are the same, but the line width and line spacing are different, one is greater than 4mil, and the other is less than 4mil, it will also cause different production costs; Secondly, there are those who do not follow the ordinary plate process, such as half holes, buried blind holes, holes in the plate, and carbon oil printing on the key plate.

4. Price diversity due to different copper foil thickness

Common copper foil thicknesses are 18um (1/2OZ), 35um (1OZ), 70um (2OZ), 105um (3OZ), 140um (4OZ), etc. The copper foil thicknesses above will become more expensive in the future.

5. Customer's quality acceptance standards

Commonly used: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. The higher the standard, the higher the price.

6. Mold fee and test stand

(1) Mold cost, if the sample is similar to the small batch, the general plate factory will adopt the drilling and milling shape, and will not charge additional milling fees. When doing large batch, it is required to open the mold to punch the plate, so there is a set of mold cost, and the plate factory generally quotes 1000 yuan upwards.

(2) Test fee: generally, the sample is tested by flying needle, and the board factory generally charges a test fee ranging from 100 to 400 yuan; Test racks will be opened for batch testing. Generally, the quotation for test racks is 1000-1500 yuan.

7. Price difference caused by different payment methods

The shorter the time of arrival, such as cash payment, the lower the price.

8. Order quantity/delivery date

(1) The less the quantity is, the more expensive the price is, because even if it is to make 1 PCS, the board factory has to make engineering data and produce film, which process is indispensable

(2) Delivery date: the data delivered to PCB factory shall be complete (GERBER data, number of layers of board, board, board thickness, what to do with surface treatment, ink color, character color and some special requirements shall be clearly written)

It is not difficult to see from the above discussion that the diversity of PCB processing prices has its inherent inevitable factors. This article can only provide a general price range for reference, and the specific price is of course directly related to the manufacturer.

2、 Quotation of various factors

For PCB, we have a set of evaluation formula (i.e. board utilization method), which is as follows: based on the 1 square meter board, its size is 1020mm * 1020mm, assuming that the PCB to be evaluated is L in length and H in width The 1 square meter base material can be used to produce this plate, and the quantity is (1020/L+5) * (1020/H+5)=Z (i.e., the typesetting quantity) Unit price=X/Z, and X is the following price.

Material Science:

1L FR-1 price per square meter (including processing fee): 130RMB

2L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 430RMB

4L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 720RMB

6L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 1200RMB

8L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 1800RMB

10L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 3500 RMB

12L FR-4 price per square meter (including processing fee): 5500 RMB

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