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The difference and color explanation between circuit board and circuit board
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The difference and color explanation between circuit board and circuit board

Difference between circuit board and circuit board and explanation of circuit board color

I wonder if you have found such a situation. Most PCB boards are green, while other color PCB boards are rare. Why is this? Others say that black PCB represents high-end. Is that true?

First, let's understand the green board.

Printed circuit board (PCB) is usually composed of bonding pad, via, solder mask, silk screen layer, copper wire, various components, etc. Solder mask refers to the part of printed circuit board to be coated with green oil. In fact, solder resist ink is not only green, but also red, yellow, blue, purple, black, etc., but green is the most common.

Role of solder mask:

(1) Prevent physical disconnection of conductor circuit;

(2) During welding process, prevent short circuit caused by bridge connection;

(3) Only the parts that must be welded shall be welded to avoid waste of solder;

(4) Reduce copper pollution to the welding trough;

(5) Prevent deterioration and corrosion of insulation due to dust, moisture and other external environmental factors;

(6) With high insulation, it is possible to make the circuit high-density.

Why are most PCB boards green? The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Green is less irritating to eyes. The teacher told us that green is good for eyes, protects eyes and resists fatigue. It is not easy for production and maintenance personnel to have eye fatigue when staring at PCB for a long time, which is less harmful to the eyes.

2. Low cost. As green is the mainstream in the production process, the purchase volume of natural green paint will be larger, and the purchase cost of green paint will be lower than that of other colors. At the same time, using paint of the same color in mass production can also reduce the cost of changing lines.

Printed circuit board

3. When the board is welded in SMT, it needs to go through tin coating, pasting and final AOI verification. These processes all need optical positioning calibration. The green background is better for the identification of the instrument.

Black PCB board is more high-end?

Since about 2007, people began to pay attention to the color of PCB boards. This is mainly because the high-end versions of the first tier large factories have adopted the black PCB color design, so people gradually believe that the black PCB boards must be high-end. But in fact, this kind of cognition is not correct.

The difference between black PCB and green PCB, blue PCB, yellow PCB and other color PCBs lies in the color of the solder resist paint painted last. If the PCB design and manufacturing process are exactly the same, the color will not have any impact on the performance or heat dissipation.

As for the black PCB, its surface routing is almost completely covered, causing great difficulties for later maintenance, so it is a color that is not easy to manufacture and use, and the black PCB has the highest difficulty for holes, so the yield rate is relatively lower than other color PCB boards, so the price of black PCB will be relatively expensive.

The reason why the saying "color represents high-end or low-end" appears is that manufacturers prefer to use black PCB to manufacture high-end products and use red, blue, green, yellow, etc. to manufacture low-end products. To sum up, products are endowed with color meanings, not colors.

Whether it is a black PCB or a green PCB, a good PCB has good performance and good heat dissipation.

What are the differences between PCB and PCB?

In life, people usually call pcb circuit boards pcb circuit boards. Similarly, we search for keyword circuit boards on the Internet, and the results will automatically match the circuit boards. Many people who do not know about circuit boards have the same doubts. What are the similarities and differences between circuit boards? For many initial contacts, there are indeed many doubts. Let's share them with you.

The names of circuit boards include: circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board, PCB, ultra-thin circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printed circuit board (copper etching technology), etc. The circuit board makes the circuit miniature and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuits and the optimization of the layout of electrical appliances.

Differences between circuit board and circuit board:

Circuit board: a printed circuit board on an insulating substrate, which is designed to form a point to point connection conductor without printed components.

Circuit board: A printed board on an insulating substrate that is designed to connect wires from point to point and print components.

A circuit board has electronic components The PCB is the kind of PCB without electronic components. The most common one is the circuit board, and the motherboard is the circuit board.

pcb circuit board is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components, is the electrical connection provider of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board.

The main advantages of using printed boards are:

1. Because of the repeatability (reproducibility) and consistency of the graphics, the errors in wiring and assembly are reduced, and the time for equipment maintenance, debugging and inspection is saved;

2. The design can be standardized to facilitate interchange;

3. The wiring density is high, the volume is small, and the weight is light, which is conducive to the miniaturization of electronic equipment;

4. It is conducive to mechanized and automatic production, improving labor productivity and reducing the cost of electronic equipment.

The manufacturing methods of printed boards can be divided into two categories: subtraction method (subtraction method) and addition method (addition method). At present, large-scale industrial production is still dominated by the corrosive copper foil method in the subtraction method.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain the differences between PCB and PCB and the color of PCB.

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