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Do you know these common costs in PCB enterprise management?
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Do you know these common costs in PCB enterprise management?

Do you know these common costs in PCB enterprise management?

Do you know the common costs of PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers in PCB enterprise management?

In recent ten years, the manufacturing industry of printed circuit board (PCB for short) in China has developed rapidly, and its total output value and output both rank first in the world. Due to the rapid change of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of the supply chain. China has both industrial distribution, cost and market advantages, and has become the most important PCB production base in the world.

Printed circuit board has developed from single layer to double-sided board, multilayer board and flexible board, and has been developing towards high-precision, high-density and high reliability. The continuous reduction of volume, cost and performance makes the printed circuit board maintain strong vitality in the future development of electronic products.

In the future, the development trend of PCB production and manufacturing technology is to develop in the direction of high-density, high-precision, fine aperture, fine wire, small spacing, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, light weight and thin type.

Enterprises will encounter the bottleneck of development in a certain period of time. The operating cost has been rising, but it is difficult to find the "location" of the cost. We call it "invisible cost".

1. Meeting cost

The operation of an enterprise is nothing more than a process of racing against time. The conference is a collective activity for enterprises to solve problems and issue instructions, but it is also a high cost business activity.

However, managers of many enterprises do not master the skills of meeting, and there are "no preparation before the meeting, no theme during the meeting, no implementation after the meeting, no need to attend the meeting, no control over time, and no margin of speech".

2. Purchase cost

There was once an enterprise that had a daily operating cost of 80000 yuan for the project team when it was working on a new project. However, on the eve of the launch of the product, the procurement department spent a week to purchase more than 100000 yuan of packaging.

The reason is to find suppliers with low prices to save procurement costs.

Therefore, the entire marketing team could not sign a contract with the customer for an extra week.

multilayer board

3. Communication cost

In most enterprises, you will find that in the process of communication between colleagues, there will be serious distortion, or words fail to convey the meaning, or answers fail to answer the questions, or hundreds of people fail to understand

This phenomenon, to say the least, makes many processes invalid or loses many important opportunities.

That's too big. It may bring hidden dangers to the enterprise. This is a typical cost increase caused by poor communication.

4. Overtime cost

Many bosses always think that it is a kind of dedication phenomenon for employees to "work overtime" after work. However, this may imply a high cost.

The reason for overtime work is not necessarily because the work task is too heavy. It may be caused by the low work efficiency of employees. If the objective task is really heavy, then the enterprise should add new personnel and posts in time for real development and progress.

Overtime consumes more employees' energy and physical strength, and seriously overdraws the health of employees. If it goes on for a long time, some important employees will not be able to play their role for a long time, and there will be hidden dangers that will burden the company. For example, some mechanical operators will suffer from mental disorder and accidents due to long overtime, and the enterprise will pay a heavy price for this.

5. Talent flow cost

The loss of employees, especially the old employees, will undoubtedly bring the enterprise several times higher expenditure than its income.

Many small enterprises have been operating for many years, and you find that they have always been such small teams. Except for the boss, none of the employees left behind from the beginning of the enterprise.

This may be an important reason for its failure to develop.

6. Post dislocation cost

There is a famous saying in human resource management that "put the right person in the right place".

Unfortunately, few enterprises can really do this.

7. Process cost

The chaos of enterprises is mostly due to the process, which is a common fault in enterprise management. For enterprises with slow development, the process must be chaotic or unreasonable.

They bear a high cost for this, but they have been blind.

8. Stagnant resource cost

Stagnant resources can be said to be the most extensive "hidden costs" in enterprises, such as idle equipment, overstocked inventory, low utilization jobs, idle funds, shelved businesses, etc.

Although they may not continue to consume the enterprise's investment, they are part of the enterprise's assets, and the enterprise will bear hidden costs such as interest.

9. Corporate culture cost

Many people may not agree that corporate culture will become a cost, but this is the case.

We will find that the employees of some enterprises are listless and extremely inefficient. No matter how excellent the employees are, they will either leave soon or become like that.

We cannot but say that this is an "environmental" problem. This "environment" is the enterprise culture of this enterprise.

10. Credit cost

We found that many enterprises are used to defaulting on suppliers' payments, employees' salaries, deductions, bank loans, etc., which we believe can reduce the pressure on enterprises' working capital.

But in the long run, this will become a serious hidden cost of enterprise operation.

11. Risk cost

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to push the enterprise to the fast lane. But the risk coefficient also increases synchronously.

In particular, large and medium-sized enterprises, although developing rapidly, have rich incomes.

But once there is a crisis, it will be disastrous.

12. Entrepreneur cost

There is a good saying that soldiers will bear one nest. Like the leader of an army, entrepreneurs themselves are the employees who pay the highest cost.

The bosses of many private enterprises have turned themselves into the "emperor" of the enterprise. They have the final say, and all the employees have become the execution machine.

However, the defects of entrepreneurs' personal factors will increase the heavy cost burden for enterprises.

It can be seen from the above that enterprises often bear a lot of burdens in operation and management. Finding and effectively reducing the above hidden costs may be a powerful measure for enterprises to make progress.

Do you know the common costs of PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers in PCB enterprise management?

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