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Explain in detail: other factors that affect the price of PCB
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Explain in detail: other factors that affect the price of PCB

Explain in detail: other factors that affect the price of PCB

The application of PCB in the LED industry is mainly in packaging, power supply, lighting and other fields, especially the rapid growth of demand for LED display since this year, and the growth of COB and other packaging market scale, all of which are promoting the demand growth of PCB market.

This year, the upstream raw materials of LED display rose again and again, and the inventory of various raw materials was in urgent need, especially the supply shortage of PCB board was the most serious, which had almost reached the "unstoppable" state. PCB enterprises have issued price rise notices, proposing that the price of PCB will rise by 5% to 20%.

Some enterprises said that the reason for the increase in PCB prices was that the prices of upstream raw materials such as copper clad laminate and copper foil continued to rise sharply. What other factors affect the price of PCB?

Other factors affecting the price of PCB

circuit board

It depends on the circuit on the PCB. If the line density is less than 4/4mm, the circuit board price will be calculated separately;

In addition, there is BGA on the board surface, so the cost will also rise relatively. In some places, BGA is an additional cost;

Depending on the surface treatment process, we usually have: lead tin (hot air leveling), OSP (environmental protection board), pure tin, tin melting, silver melting, gold melting, etc. Of course, the price of circuit boards will vary with different surface processes;

It also depends on the process standards; We often use; PC2, but some customers have higher requirements. (For example, Japanese capital) We often have IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. Of course, the higher the standard, the higher the board price.

Other factors affecting the price of PCB

Every PCB sold in the PCB industry is customized. Therefore, the quotation of PCB boards needs to be cost calculated first, and at the same time, it needs to make a comprehensive quotation referring to the PCB computer's automatic composition calculation and the utilization rate of the materials on the standard size copper clad laminate.

The cost calculation of PCB industry is the most special and complex among all industries. From material opening, pressing plate, forming, to FQC, packaging, and warehousing after completion, it is necessary to calculate the cost step by step according to the material cost, labor cost, manufacturing cost, etc. invested in each process, and then accumulate the cost in batches according to the order product number. In addition, the standard rate of operation will be different for different types of products. For some products, such as blind buried orifice plate, gold plate and copper base plate, due to the particularity of its process or all materials, it is required to adopt some special calculation methods. Similarly, the size of the drill bit used in the drilling process will also affect the cost of the product, which will directly affect the calculation and evaluation of the WIP cost and scrap cost, and the price of the circuit board will naturally be affected.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers, and PCBA manufacturers explain other factors that affect PCB prices.

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